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Aug 12, 2009 04:53 PM

Doing the tennis thing on Saturday night

We have tickets for the evening session on Saturday (starts at 7:00) and want to go for dinner afterwards, but obviously can't make a reservation anywhere since the match could go 2 fast sets or 3 long ones (hoping for 3 long ones and Federer - not too much to ask I think??) -anyhoo, can anyone recommend somewhere for dinner where we can meander in without a reservation? Any kind of food goes, but the atmosphere has to be nice (no loud bars, or divey dives).


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  1. Well, Villeray is scarcely a culinary wasteland. How late do you think it can go? Perhaps think north and eastwards from JTM; Braseiro comes to mind just north of Jarry (you can walk there from parc Jarry).

    Daou and Tapeo just a bit east of the park. All of this is eminently walkable on a lovely summer evening. There is also a small and decent BYOW place on Villeray just a couple of blocks east of St-Laurent - drat, can't think of its name. Will try to cycle past it tomorrow but no promises.

    Since you don't want a loud bar I wouldn't advice the famous local landmark Miss Villeray, though it is actually quite reinvented and has decent food. It is very far from a dive any more, but I can't guarantee quiet. You can certainly get a beer or glass of wine and decent things to nosh on.

    If you have a car or don't mind a wee walk, all the South Asian places on Jean-Talon are very close by. I don't know how late Moti Mehal stays open, but alas reservations should NOT be a problem - we need such places to have more custom. You can also cut across to Parc-Ex at Ball (just northwest of the Tennis area) where there is a level railway crossing.

    I was doing several laps cycling around the park very early this morning and it is fun to see all the workers and volunteers suited up for the tennis. People are really enjoying it and the atmosphere is very congenial. Obviously there must be a lot of security as idiots and criminals could target tennis stars, but no brutish security in evidence against normal Jarry Park users.

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      You're thinking of Caf et Bouffe, Lagatta, and I second that rec in general, altough if the game finishes at 9:30-10, it is probably too late, I don't believe it's one of those place that close late.

      There are many good restaurants, and your recs are all good Lagatta. I would add Petit Alep. However, I would call these places in advance and take note of which time they close, because I'm afraid it early for most, so you can decide depending on what time it is.

      If it is really late, your safest bet is probably Little Italy, some of the place on St-Laurent stay open later for after diner drinks.

      1. re: sweettoothMTL

        Yes, I was thinking of Caf et Bouffe. I recommend Petit Alep so often that I was afraid of sounding like a broken record.

        Vinizza is at the corner of Jean-Talon, so very close to the parc.

        You'll definitely find food at Miss Villeray lounge, and it isn't divey at all any more, though I can't guarantee that it will be quiet.

        1. re: lagatta

          Miss Villeray has food? Very good to know, I was passing by the other day and saw the renovations, it does look very nice now, all they are missing are a few tables outside, or windows that you can completely remove :)

        2. re: sweettoothMTL

          Just a small note to say Caf & Bouffe closed a couple of years ago, and it is now a Frites Alors in this location.

          EDIT : didn't notice the post was from 2009, sorry!

          3990 Rue Saint-Urbain, Montreal, QC H2W1T7, CA

          Frites Alors
          3497 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2T6, CA

      2. How about all the usuals suspects in the Jean-Talon/Little italy vincinity which is not that far either by walk or car from the Uniprix Stadium, I don't know much about their opening hours, but it could be a good alternative.

        1. Vinizza seems like a very good option.

          1. You need reservations and it’s a really small place, but the Kitchen Gallery is worth trying. Pop in and see if they have a last minute table for you. Otherwise, cross the street there’s the Petit Alep.

            1. Hi- I also have tickets for Saturday night and I plan to go to a great Portuguese resto, less than 5k away. It's called O' Cantinhos and I highly recommend it, if you enjoy this type of food. The resto is clean, service is fantastic, genuinely Portuguese. Sometimes they even have a homemade dessert made by one of the waiter's grandma. It's always busy, which translates to being somewhat noisy but that's overall part of the atmosphere and not at the noise level of a bar, you will see Portuguese people are regulars there too. I had grilled octopus and my partner had grilled mixed meats. Be prepared to eat way too much because it is just so good. I've been there late and people are still coming in after 10pm. As I said, this is real typical Mediterranean establishment, and if you've ever been in to Greece or anywhere with a similar climate, the eating establishments are busy past midnight. I've been to this resto several times and it is consistently good. The quails, ribs, and chicken are especially fresh and tasty. Again, my only complaint is the tendency to over-eat since the custard dessert is a must. Looking forward to my next visit!