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Aug 12, 2009 04:26 PM

Cape Cod Must Eats

Hi, we're heading down to Cape Cod in mid Sept for a week and I was wondering what some must eat restaurants are. We are definitely looking for seafood, particularly traditional cape cod/new england fare - clams, lobsters etc. We have no children so don't need a family style place. Budget is low to high range, I don't mind paying for a good meal. Does anyone have any suggestions for a few places to try out for lunch or dinner.. or hey if you have a good breakfast place let me know. Thanks!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are TONS of recs on the very subjects in which you are inquiring. Perhaps you could do a little self help and search this very board for some of the very many numerous prior posts and come back with questions you need clarified?

      Also, The Cape's a big place. Recs in Falmouth won't do you alot of good if your staying in Eastham, for instance.

      1. CapeCodGuy has a point about giving some description as to where on Cape Cod you will be. With that said, I'll try to make it easy for you if you are going to be around the Lower Cape. The Lazy Lobster in Chatham is an excellent spot for a lunchtime lobster roll or breakfast. Sesuit Harbor Cafe in East Dennis is also a nice spot for a casual lunch (the sea scallops over greens is a personal favorite). If you are up for a nice dinner, I have always heard great things about Pisces in Chatham (although I've never eaten there) and a recent anniversary dinner at The Ocean House in Dennisport was a hit (pricey, but the chef cooked everything perfectly that night). Good luck!

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          I find Pisces a bit crowded...have not been in 3 year due to a poor evening..would love to hear updated info

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            Had an excellent meal at Pisces in late June - Highlights were a fantastic grilled calamari salad - warm, smoky squid with an arugula based salad. Their house bread with a white bean spread is a mini feast in itself. Lobster ravioli is served as both a starter and main - rich, creamy and delicious.
            Service was excellent. It is small and busy so a reservation is a must. They're open 7 days in high season but not sure what happens after Labor Day.