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Aug 12, 2009 04:06 PM

Help! Farewell lunch downtown-ridiculous dietary restrictions/preferences

Hello chowhounds,

I desperately need some recommendations for a farewell lunch downtown next tuesday. We work at College/Bay but would be willing to take a cab. We would like somewhere nice not casual. Here are the restrictions:

Guest of honour: Vegetarian-no meat or fish, eggs and dairy okay.

Co-worker A: Requires steak

Co-worker B: Requires steak

Co-worker C: Can't handle anything spicy or remotely ethnic

Co-worker D: Thankfully will eat anything

Me: Vegan-however I'm willing to settle for cocktails and have a bite afterwards if all other restrictions can be accommodated.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. For the life of me I can't think of anything that would work.

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  1. Girl, I have that problem in my life constantly (people with food allergies and dietary restrictions) and the one winning suggestion (with a good wallet) is hotel dining. From The Windsor Arms to the Hilton to Hotel Le Germain, you'll find safe choices and a willingness to please.

    1. my husband enjoyed the steak at sidecar, and their pasta/chicken selecitons might be okay for your non-ethnic/spicy loving friend, and i am sure they could do a salad or grilled veg dish for you, they have a lovely back patio and are just a short cab/streetcar ride away from college/bay

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      1. Have you considered Nota Bene? I just looked at the lunch menu, and there appears to be something for all of you on there.

        1. I'm sure others may object but as you have a bit of a difficult task how about Bistro 990 - not bad for lunch but would have everything you want and is pretty close - or the new Mercatto on College - but it is more more casual? Mercatto has grilled flank steak on the lunch menu and there would definitely be something for everyone else. Otherwise most of the traditional bay street lunch places would be able to accommodate all of you - Jump, Canoe, Bymark, etc.

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            Thanks everyone for your ideas! I'm taking these suggestions to my co-workers tomorrow so we'll see what the consensus is then. Need to try to sell Nota Bene somehow...

          2. The original comment has been removed