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Aug 12, 2009 03:39 PM

ISO World's Best Mac 'n' Cheese

I know there are so many different types of Macaroni and Cheese...

I'l looking for a recipe for a classic, ooey gooey cheddary mac 'n' cheese with a bubbly cheese crust, no potato chips or bread crumbs.

Who's got one?

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  1. mustard powder should be added.

    i usually just use whatever that's left over in the fridge- but it's the cheese guys, sharp sharp cheddar, melty fontina and the like...

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    1. re: jeniyo

      Okay... the cheese.

      But what's the recipe?

    2. Try googling the Silver Palate's recipe. It involves penne and gruyere and making a bechamel. Fairly involved, but oh, so good! adam

      1. A few months ago, I was in charge of catering for my daughter's baby shower. Obviously the menu was all around foods that she loves, including macaroni and cheese. I love my great-grandmother's recipe, but I didn't think it was creamy enough to serve to guests. I found the PERFECT recipe, made it and then lost it. I forgot to bookmark the darn thing! It used Gouda, cream cheese and Cheddar. As I was researching, I discovered a few things I never knew:

        1. Do not ever, ever use the pre-shredded cheese that you buy in bags at the grocery store. The cheese shreds are coated with cornstarch so they don't stick together, and all of that cornstarch makes the cheese sauce pretty darn chunky!

        2. To keep the sauce creamy, use evaporated milk (or 1/2 whole milk, 1/2 evaporated). The perfect recipe that I can't find now (drat!) used 1/2 evaporated.

        And I always use a good bit of Coleman's dried mustard. It really brings out the cheese flavor.

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          Yes, Colman mustard, about a teaspoon (if I bother to measure) per tablespoon of flour in the roux. I also mix some Worcestershire into the cheese sauce while I'm stirring it. And I've been using nothing but evaporated milk lately. Recipe? Aaaahhh... I don't have one with bechamel in my text files, so that's one of those things for which I go to a cookbook, get the proper proportions of bechamel to cheese to pasta, and take it from there, since I know how to make all of those things already. Sometimes the book says two cups of bechamel and two of cheese per pound of pasta, sometimes something else. It's always edible; is there such a thing as BAD mac'n'cheese? What really blows my skirt up, though, is to zip it up with well-cooked shredded onion and poblano pepper, then either stir in chunks of fresh tomato or top it with tomato slices, then shredded cheese.

          1. Singer Patti Labelle (who has a cookbook) has made an extremely rich M&C on The View and on Oprah. Lots of groaning, eye-rolling among the tasters. It uses several kinds of cheese in generous amounts, plus eggs, half&half, and butter.