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Aug 12, 2009 02:22 PM

Orange County Fresh Fish Help

So I would think fish would be easy to find everywhere here in so cal but that is not the case.

I am looking for a good fish market in Southern Orange County (Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo) to pickup to cook for dinner.

There has to be a place close by and I'm am just completely missing it. Help!!!

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  1. I can't think of anything great in that area, but here's a start.

    Top choices are Marukai and Mitsuwa, both in Costa Mesa. Pierson's Port in Newport Beach, followed a long way back by Santa Monica Seafood in Costa Mesa.

    99 Ranch in Irvine (the newer one on Walnut & Jeffrey, not the older one on Culver & Irvine Center Drive) is ok, but it's really hit or miss depending on the stock available that day. Some fish is reasonably good. Other fishes look partially dessicated and mummified. Some days are better than others. It seems Fridays is a good day based on deliveries dropped off for the weekend.

    Good luck, and report back if you find anything on the order of Marukai in South County.

    EDIT - Just last week I went to Mission Ranch Market in MV. It's a Persian market. They had a limited selection of fish (mostly filets). I just glanced at it, and it didn't totally turn me off, so I probably ought to take a closer look next time. You might go have a sniff and see if it works for you. Stop by the bakery a couple doors down and pick up a big sangak flatbread. Really good!

    Marukai Market
    2975 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Pearson's Port
    100 E Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA

    Santa Monica Seafood Co. - CM Retail
    154 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    Mitsuwa Marketplace
    665 Paularino Ave, Costa Mesa, CA

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      Dry Dock Fish has a stand at the Saturday morning UCI farmers' market...

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Dry Dock is also at the Laguna Hills Farmers' market on Fridays. The lady is a dear, and she always has oysters. They have a good selection; I've even seen John Dory, although I didn't try it. Prices are good, too.

        1. re: tintinmilou

          tintin, you must try the John's great! One of my favorite fish, thanks to Dry Dock.

        1. re: Professor Salt

          I third Pearson's Port.

          Pearson's Port
          100 E Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA

          1. re: Professor Salt

            Can anyone tell me of a place where I can take fresh caught fish to be frozen while I am in Newport Beach. I live (9hrs) away and will be needing some fish frozen while I am here... Willing to pay a fee of course to have this done? ANYONE

          2. Good question since the closing of the MV Bristol Farms which used to be our go to.

            1. If you can get away with a basic selection, and you can use up fairly large portions quickly, Costco might work. They have the basics: farm raised salmon filets, wild halibut filets, farmed catfish, farmed whole rainbow trout, shrimp, tilapia filets, crab legs, and a few other assorted things.

              It's not sashimi grade fish by any means, but if you're a Costco member, it might work for you.

              There's one in Laguna Niguel on La Paz and Cabot.

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              1. re: Professor Salt

                Thanks Professor, yes that is right in my neighborhood.
                Man I hate where I live sometimes.
                I have been to that Persian market several times and never picked up the fish. I'll give it a try.
                Thanks all!

              2. I am interested in the responses here because I have to buy`fish for my parents who will not eat anything farm raised, especially salmon.

                They have no problems if I buy from Sprouts, Henry's, Whole foods or Gelson's. If I feel like splurging I will go to the Bristol farms next to the Newport Beach library.

                They won't eat anything that comes from the 99 market on Culver (i thought that was the newer of the two) because the entire store smells of rotten fish.

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                1. re: tgmm

                  Costco has wild salmon and halibut in season, and often ahi or another wild choice as well.

                2. FRESHEST FISH...

                  - The stand in Dana Point near the whale watching booth. See
                  - Dory Fleet on 20-something street in Newport-Balboa. See
                  - Pearsons Lanmding in Newport. See

                  These places have the freshest fish you'll ever see in Orange County because it's been caught the day before, usually, and sometimes that same day.

                  Good luck, and if you find any other places, let us know.

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                  1. re: EclecticEater

                    The Dory fleet is DEFINITELY caught the same day, and you'd better get there early if you want selection, or any fish at all. They go out, they catch it, they sell it. When it's gone, it's gone. Lots of the local restaurants supply themselves there, so they get there early. I'd suggest 7AM.