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Aug 12, 2009 12:01 AM

Bourdain in SF [split from SF board]


(note from CH Team, this was split from the thread:


I do not know about anyone else... but I was rather let down by the choice of places Bourdain covered on No Reservations. I totally enjoy the show and his fork tongued banter... but having lived in the bay area all of my life I feel that his choice of material didn't really show what food is like here. I can understand the point of the eppisode was that not everything is organic and "farm fresh" but he went too far to the other extreme.

With that said, his commentary was not incendiary and his parting comments were positive. I just expected more.... especially when the intro showed chez panisse but there was nothing about it in the show. So obviously the camera crew went there but they did not deem it show worthy?


  1. Maybe some confused producer was thinking it was the original Alice's Restaurant.

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      That was in Mass... unless you are a biker. Shrug

    2. I totally agree, and I felt the same way about his episode on Cleveland (the other city I know pretty well). Maybe we see the program through different eyes when we have expectations of what we would like them to cover.

      1. There's a discussion of the episode on the Food & Media board:

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          We're locking this thread, so that all the discussion can be consolidated in one thread at the link that Robert Lauriston has posted.