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Aug 12, 2009 01:07 PM

Il Ridotto - good for lunch?

i really want to eat here but in an effort to not spend a small fortune on dinner, i was thinking of trying it for lunch one of the days we are there. is the menu the same and will it be worth it for lunch? also, can anyone provide what the prices for two people would be for lunch versus dinner?


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  1. There's a recent report (with prices) of a meal at Il Ridotto here:
    Restaurants in Italy rarely have differently priced lunch and dinner menus.

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    1. re: zerlina

      I believe that Il Ridotto has a fixed price lunch...this restaurant is fabulous...I doubt you will be disappointed...

    2. We made our dinner reservation at about lunch time by asking in the cafe near the Il Ridotto, and the restaurant did not appear to be open then.

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      1. re: roxlet

        If you do go to Il Ridotto I would not restrict yourself by your budget. This is not an exhorbitantly expensive restaurant. Rather, I would focus on what you want to taste because so much of what he does is truly excellent.