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Aug 12, 2009 12:55 PM

Dinner for 30 near the Melrose hotel - Dallas

I'm having a reception dinner for approximately 30 people in November and need some ideas for good eats near the Melrose hotel in Oak lawn.

Just about any cuisine will do as long as the food is good and they can accomodate my party. A seperate room is ideal but not necessary.

Thanks much in advance for suggestions and assistance,


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  1. Ah Fairview. If you are in the high rise, love that place. been to a few parties there ;)

    As far as your reception, you have a lot of options, and I will toss out a few that come to mind and i am sure you will hear so many more:

    Abacus has a room that holds about 50
    Fearings (love the place) can hold almost any amount of people
    Nobu's wine room holds 30
    Charlie Palmers can handle you and is wonderful
    I always recommend Sambuca for groups since it is so varied, not horribly expensive and has a band each night
    Pyles can handle you too
    Others: Craft (has a 45 dollar prixe fix menu that is lovely), 560, Acordoro, Bob's and Dragonfly.

    All these places have been discussed here at length and I feel are quality and can handle your needs. Have fun, and invite me!

    1. Refer back to August 5th for answers to the same question for restaurants for 30 people near the, Ritz.
      I'd consider those answers as recommendations to answer your question.

      1. There is a Silver Fox seakhouse directly across the street. They've got a private room. I think they serve very good steaks, then again I think most prime steakhouses do.
        Drinks at the Library Bar and walk across the street for could do worse.

        1. What about Landmark at the Melrose? I've had some good things there ...