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Aug 12, 2009 12:38 PM

Statler's dinner/cabaret on Church St.?

Has anybody eaten dinner at Statler's before one of their cabaret shows? I'm interested in knowing how the food was and whether the menu you get is more extensive than the one they show on-line (which only has about 6 things on it). Thanks!

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  1. I heard that Statlers is closed, anyone hearing anything with what's happening? Hopefuflly they are just renovating. The place is always fun and busy!

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    1. re: BrianToronto

      We noticed the paper up on the windows last weekend. No word as to why it's closed. Hopefully they can reopen. It was a great place to grab a martini and relax. Everything on Church St seems to be shuttering, hope this isn't another one do to crazy rent hike.

      Note on the website says:
      "We would like to announce that we are working very hard to get Statlers Re-opened as soon as we can. We will keep you posted. Thank you for all your love and support! Sorry for any inconvenience. "

    2. Closed. Hopefully something new and exciting will go in. Statlers had the stink of death. It's time Church St bar/resto owners kept up to the pace of everything else happening in the city. When is something interesting going to happen on that street???

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      1. re: Thatcher

        Nothing will happen on that street if the landlords continue to raise rents.

        1. re: BrianToronto

          I have no clue what's happening in terms of rents, but it just seems like nothing compelling is happening in terms of concepts. We loved Babylon until the owner freaked out on the police and lub had incredible music and vibe until they closed. We used to go down at least once a week for those 2 places alone. Haven't been more than twice in a year since they closed. Byzantium is a poor also-ran.

          No one wants to go to a piano bar, dessert place or *fusion Thai* restaurant in the village...Let's put the thinking caps on people...

          1. re: BrianToronto

            I agree. The fact that Zelda's moved from Church to Yonge because the rent was better means something is way out of line there.