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Aug 12, 2009 12:04 PM

Nice restaurant for pre Wicked performance @ Bass Hall?

we want to grab a nice meal before sunday PM show... nearby nice places?

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  1. Eastside Cafe and Fino are both relatively close. East Side Show Room might be fun to try, though it's a bit further away (E. 6th). I was going to throw out Mansion at Judge's Hill and the Carillion, but after checking websites, neither is open for dinner on Sunday.

    1. Sagra ( is a good choice and very near by.

      1. It's not what you would consider a "nice meal" but the new Bass has a bistro with some salads and sandwiches, etc. I haven't eaten there but what I see looks appealing. Also Bass has a deal of some sort with a restuarant, I believe the Paggi House, for a pre theatre deal. Try their website. OTW, I would go with Fino as well. Much better than Mansion at Judges Hill. Last time I was there, I think their quality has dropped.

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          I meant Four Seasons, not Paggie House. Sorry

        2. Yes, the Four Seasons is offering a pre fixe menu at TRIO especially for the "Wicked" crowd. It includes free valet parking at the restaurant and "VIP" parking at Bass Concert Hall. I personally thought that the Four Seasons menu offering was a bit dull.

          We're going to FINO on Saturday evening before the show......