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Aug 12, 2009 12:02 PM

NYY Steak at Yankee Stadium. Any thoughts?

Anyone been to the steak house in the new Yankee Stadium?

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  1. We went during one of the exhibition games. The line was really long for the Hard Rock, so we figured we'd try it. We didn't have a reservation, but the place was pretty empty, so we were seated right away. It's really nice inside. Not cheap, but then nothing is cheap at the stadium. Boyfriend had a cheeseburger & I had steak tartare, both very good. Your "roll" is actually a pretzel served on a diamond-shaped bread plate. There weren't may people in the place, so our service was absolutely impeccable. They did everything for us except cut the meat & feed us. The plates our food came on were pinstriped around the edge & had a player's number on it. You can't see the game from there, but there are tv's everywhere & when I say everywhere, I mean even built into the ladies room mirror. We'd probably go again sometime when we're at the Stadium, but will make a reservation & also not pig out on stadium food before we go.

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        Paul Lukas basically hit the nail right on the head. If we even turned our heads, someone came zipping over to see if we needed something. If we do go again, I'm definitely trying that lobster mac & cheese. I wonder if they're just as attentive if the place is crowded. When we went, there were maybe 3 or 4 tables occupied.

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          We went last night for dinner before the wonderful Yankees/Red Sox game. The restaurant was PACKED and very noisy, but the service was terrific--friendly and extremely efficient and professional. Drinks were good (a Yankeetini and a nice pour of wine by the glass), and food very good (we shared a crabcake app, ceasar salad, two sirloin strips). It was a nice splurge.

      2. Considering a hot dog and a beer are a little south of a double sawbuck, the NYY Steakhouse is the best bang for the buck at baseball's cathedral...

        1. Good but not great, if you want great, go to Blackstone's Steakhouse

          I'm a big fan of Steakhouses and take it from someone who know, this is the place to go to if you are on Long Island.
          This place is great, great food and wonderful service.
          Go, eat, enjoy!

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          1. re: grandma Zaza

            umm, I so disagree with Blackstones.

            So much better steak around

            PG steakhouse
            Abel Conklins
            just to name a few in the area.

            Go to Blackstones if you are single and over 50, it's an aged meat market.