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Aug 12, 2009 11:54 AM

The Miso at Haru Ulala--I must eat it every minute! Please help me find some!

I always thought of "miso" as a smooth paste in a tub. At Haru Ulala in Little Tokyo, they serve the Moro-Q (cucumber with miso) with a reddish substance that still appears to have the individual beans defined in it (they were tiny). It is one the most delicious things I have EVER tasted. I asked if they made it themselves or brought it in, and was told they buy it--I think the nice person said they get it from Nishimoto Trading Company, but I don't know how to specifically refer to the product.

If you are familiar with this substance they put on their Moro-Q, and can help me get closer to having it in my house, I will be SO STOKED! And full!!

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  1. Sounds like the base is aka miso, which is available at any Japanese grocery store in SoCal. I'm sure the miso has been mixed with a few other things, however...

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        You are AWESOME!!! Thank you. Now to find it in Los Angeles...

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          The best selection of miso i've seen is at Murakai Marketplace in Torrance.

          I think they have twice as many varieties as Mitsuwa.

          Nijiya on Sawtelle is slightly broader than Mitsuwa, I think, for misos.

    1. You can buy it at any of the Japanese markets. If you go to Mistuwa (Torrance) it will be on an end cap right next to the produce section. If you have to ask for help make sure to ask for "moro-miso." The top and side label is usually in Japanese so it will be hard to tell if you've got the right one but look at the bottom. Mitsuwa puts their own white label that will describe it in English. Don't forget the Japanese cucumbers... it won't taste the same without them.