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Aug 12, 2009 11:46 AM

Mexican Party Bus

I was walking on 5th and 21st last saturday and this bus was going down broadway blaring music. It reminded me of a Senor Frog's bus; a bunch of drunk people blowing whistles and screaming. Any idea what this is about? where does it go?

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        I did this in aruba - super touristy, BUT SO MUCH FUN! Especially if you go with a bunch of people!

      2. re: notsochubbychubette

        I saw this bus a few months ago parked in front of the Radegast Biergarten in Williamsburg on a Saturday afternoon. There were twenty-odd dudes in blazers and sunglasses on the roof of the bus drinking beer and screaming wildly / hurling obscenities at any and all people on the street. The party bus crew (driver, bouncer looking guy, and girl with camera) looked shellshocked. Eventually the blazer crew got off the roof, got inside the bus and left, but they were up there yelling for at least a half hour.

      3. I saw the same exact bus that day and couldn't even imagine what it was. It looked ridiculous but definitely fun. It makes me want to try Las Palapas.

        1. This was recent? All the press says it was during a renovation of the one location, back in 2008. They are still running it?

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          1. Argh - the Mariachi Bus is my white whale! I went on it once and have never been able to find any info about it again, despite once spotting it downtown and literally chasing after it. It was great though. More kitschy sombreros and nachos then senior frogs, but maybe it was just the group.

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              i seen a couple months ago in queens on 74th & roosevelt and 46th & roosevelt on the same night

              i tried to go on it at one point and they said they had to leave

            2. It's Colombian, not Mexican. It's called La Chiva. I've been on it and loads of fun but nor really chow related.

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                yes, this bus picks you up at la palapa....food, drinks...chow related.