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Aug 12, 2009 11:42 AM

Where to find N.O. Brew Iced Coffee?

This nectar of the gods is at Whole Foods, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen it anywhere else? Nothing against WF, but I don't always feel like schlepping down there. It's a cold-brewed, concentrated iced coffee that you can dilute with water or milk. There's nothing on their website to help find it. I've been addicted to this stuff for a few months now. The storyville mocha flavor is my favorite. It also comes in vanilla, hazelnut, and straight coffee.

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  1. I used to live on that stuff (had to wean off)!! Unfortunately I've only ever seen it at WF. Good luck with your quest, and let us know if you find it elsewhere... I may go back on a bender >:)

    1. i believe threadgill's has been known to serve it.

      1. I only ever saw it at WF, and I can't find Cool Brew (which I prefer) anywhere here.

        HOWEVER, because I was tired of spending so much money and time getting it at WF, I started making my own cold-brewed coffee in bulk. It's not as concentrated as N.O. Brew, so not great for adding hot water, but it makes a fantastic iced coffee. Really, really tasty.

        Like I said, I make a pitcher at a time and keep it in the fridge. I use a strong, dark roast. Either French Roast or sometimes I mix that with Sumatra for a slightly different flavor.

        4 cups coarse-ground coffee, (as if you were using a French Press)
        12 cups cold water

        Stir together in a large container (I use a large mixing bowl). Cover and set aside for 12 hours. Strain into a pitcher. I use my French press to strain, since it retains all the lovely oils in the coffee. If you don't have that, a coffee filter or cheesecloth set in a fine sieve will do the trick. Put the pitcher in the fridge and use often!! I find this keeps well for about 10 days or so.

        Great with chocolate, flavored syrups, milk, over ice . . . however you want it! I've even poured a bit over ice cream for a great treat.

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          Anderson's coffee sells toddy's, which allows you to easily cold filter coffee that is powerful and a lot less acidic

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            I've tried cold-brewing it myself and haven't been too successful. Maybe I'm setting the bar too high because I am simply addicted to that N.O. Brew. Also, I made a godawful mess trying to strain it. Maybe it need to get a toddy, or actually since you were talking about straining it through a french press, I don't see any reason why one couldn't make it in there in the first place and then press it?

            Where did you buy the Cool Brew? And why do you like it better than N.O. Brew?

            1. re: Allison L.

              Not the same as buying locally, but it's available online with free shipping at

          2. Looks like this is an old thread, but I've bought (a huge jug of) this stuff at the south Costco. It's great. I froze half of it so it wouldn't go bad while I sipped though it.

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            1. re: Lixer

              It was at Costco for a short time. It was a one-time thing though - once they ran out that was it. Glad you were able to get some. It was 7.99 (a dollar cheaper than Whole Foods) and it was just the straight coffee flavor.

              I looked at their website recently and it lists that they sell it at Fresh Plus. I haven't been over there yet to check it out but I'll report back. Ordering it off the website (even with free shipping) is more expensive than at the store. They charge $60 for a case of 6 large bottles. It's $9/bottle at whole foods.

              1. re: Allison L.

                I don't know how common this is, but adding a dash of real mexican vanilla to a cup of unsweetened or sweetened ice brewed jo is heavenly. that's what progress on east 5th does to their brew and it's great. I too have made iced coffee at home, one pound coarse ground costco french roast to 1 gallon of water, in the cold, 24 hr. filter. add that vanilla. enjoy. Haven't tried the N.O coffee but sounds as intriguing as it does expensive.

            2. Maybe try Cherrywood Coffee House on 38 1/2 St? I love their iced coffee, and the place is run by former New Orleanseans. Chances are it is cold brewed NO style.