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BEST TAPAS Barcelona

We are going back to BCN and want to eat tapas and more tapas. Where are the BEST places to go. No touristy spots please. THANKS

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  1. Hey Sockster,

    There's an amazing place called Ginger in the Barri Gotic area. Though the name may imply its Asian, its strictly Spanish.

    They serve great tapas, and I had perhaps the best pollo arroz at this place. I had to order it two times. They have a good wine selection as well. The place is small, lights are low, waitresses are nice. Try to get a seat upstairs. Amazing.

    1. We had superb tapas at Tapac 24 a few days ago. They had a nice combination of classics and innovative tapas I haven't seen elsewhere. Prices were reasonable.

      1. Inopia (we went twice in a 4 1/2 day trip). Quimet i Quimet (also went here twice). Paco Meralgo.

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          I also did a mostly tapas trip to Spain a while back, it was great fun. I still dream with the montaditos at Quimet and Quimet. We didn't think much of Inopia, but many people really love it. We also really liked Ciutat Comtal. Do not miss Pinotxo at the Boqueria Market, and if the owner himself is there you are in for a treat, sit close to him and just tell him to serve you whatever is good, and have the garbanzos and the bull if being offered. We also had great croquetas at a little hole in the wall called La Bodegueta. Ok I am booking my ticket to go back now...

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            Oh, we also went to Pinotxo twice on our trip, didn't like it as much the second day because the menu varies greatly from day to day. They kept trying to put jamon sandwiches on us when my husband only wanted eggs with seafood, which we'd had the previous day.

        2. Cerveceria Catalana
          Address : C/ Mallorca, 236
          Opening hours : From Monday to Friday from 8ham to 1:30am. Saturday and Sunday they open at 9ham. Closed for Christmas.
          Phone : +34
          Cerveceria Catalana one of the best tapas restaurant of the city of Barcelona!!


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            I have to agree with Cerveceria Catalana - ask the man behind the bar for the veal sirloin and langostine montadillos also - they were the best. Damm Estrella on tap was less than 2 euro also.

            Place is on the corner of Mallorca and Las Ramblas.

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              Hi Seal , is it still as good ?? the last time i was there was 12 months ago , but it was the best then ,, ??

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                I was just there a few weeks ago and I miss them a lot. We had tapas at a few other places including Tapac24 and CC was far and away better and cheaper to boot.

                We ate there several times (including one breakfast - great molten chocolate cake and ham bocadillos) and I can't say tyvm enough to all the hounds who suggested the place. Of course, our apartment was only about 8 blocks away, but there were plenty of other food choices nearby.

          2. We were recently in Barcelona, sadly only one day before leaving on a cruise. We had the most amazing dinner at Tapas 24. A must try for tapas. Make sure you have the fried sprats (sometimes called small fried fish), the omelet and when it gets to dessett-get the chocolate balls drizzled with fruity olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt---to die for. Everything we saw around us looked amazing.

            1. Another nice place to eat Tapas and fresch Paella is La Taverna Catalana Street Valencia 189 corner with Aribau. Here you have the webpage http://www.latavernacatalana.com realy homemade Tapas cousine

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                I went with some friends once to Taverna Catalana for tapas. The food was nothing special. And since we were the only people in the whole place for the entire time we were there, the ambiance was a bit lacking, as well. Although it didn't keep the waitress from paying barely any attention to us.

                It was not my choice to go there, and I wouldn't have gone there by myself. After having had a less than stellar and relatively expensive lunch there a few weeks earlier, it had been stricken from my list of Eixample restaurants.

              2. We really liked Taktika Berri and Cerveceria Catalana on our most recent trip to Barcelona.
                Tapac24 service was awful and we will not ever return.

                1. As long as this thread is getting bump, I thought I would throw in a suggestion for a nice out-of-the-way place to go for tapas. In Gracia between Fontana and Diagonal metro stations is a square called Plaça de Sol. In this plaça there are a few bars and restaurant. Two of them sharing the Northeast corner of the plaça serve some pretty good tapas and some of best Pa Amb Tomaquet I've had anywhere in Barcelona. They also have good bocadillos, quiches and salads. It's not high-falutin' or anything, but with the combination of the sunshine the cheap cañas and dogs running around (what's the deal with Catalans and dogs anyway?) it makes for a great afternoon or early evening stop. Oh, and the Patatas Bravas and Boquerones are really good. too.

                  Sol de Nit‎
                  Plaça del Sol, 9
                  08012 Barcelona, España
                  932 373 937

                  And I think the other one is Cafe Del Sol around the corner , but the food all comes from the kitchen at Sol De Nit.