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Aug 12, 2009 11:32 AM

Does this even exist in Jackson Heights?

Hi. I've got a bit of a tall order. I'm looking for a restaurant that:

1. Is vegetarian friendly (dairy, eggs OK)
2. Has many non-spicy options
3. Has fish and chicken options (also needs to coincide with #2)
4. Is not Indian or Latin American
5. Is not a dive -- eg. restaurant like Srirpraphai is OK; Kabab King is not
6. Can accommodate baby strollers
7. Is within a 10-12 block radius of 74th and Roosevelt

So far I've got Srirpraphai and La Portena on my list. How are La Portena's non-beef options? Something like Sapori d'Ischia would have been good except it's too far and I don't know how exactly stroller friendly they are. Any other restaurants that fit the bill?

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  1. Ayada might be a good choice for you. That place called Novo might also fit with your parameters, but can't vouch for the quality though.

    78-23 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

    77-08 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11373

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      Try Uncle Peter's Continental on Northern/84th...Great Italian/Argentinean inspired food in a white tablecloth setting. Probably the best overall restaurant in JH. Also, try Trieste on Northern for very good Italian food (and great fish) in a pretty room. The new El Coyote on Northern also has many food options--its a "high-end" Mexican restaurant with nice decor and great service.

    2. Thanks guys for the recommendations! Good to know there are a few more options around.

      1. rejecting latin american fare takes out a ton of places, but I'm game...

        you might want to find a surprisingly hidden gem - jackson house. hidden by a big tree so you can't see the awning. 37th and approx 82nd. my fav diner in the area... although I wonder if the stroller will fit. they must have tables for kid stuff. ..

        the thai places fit your parameters: rice ave, zabb, ayada, arunee -- all great places.

        that chinese (not korean) place on woodside and like 69th... chu ying or something

        wasabi point -woodside ave/ ~75th - japanese / tibetan

        spicy shallot

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          Yeah, the no Latin American makes it a bit difficult. One of the people isn't too fond of the cuisine and there's just too much hidden meat for the vegetarian. I think the more nuevo places like Novo should be fine though. Thanks for the additional recs.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            I've never had a desire to go into novo. but if a person isn't fond of an entire continent plus then maybe they will like Novo.

        2. som thai (believe thats what its called) next to the gay bar at 74th and roosevelt, its nice veitnamese cuisine, good beer

          1. Unless the extra walk or couple of bucks per entree is a big deal, I'd certainly choose Uncle Peter's over Novo.

            El Chivito de Oro has a solid roast chicken, their beef on average is better than La Portena, surely they have a pasta or two and salads that are veggie friendly.

            I suppose all those options are technically Latin American though.

            I can't imagine any of these places, or Sapori, turning away someone with a stroller, you could always call to ask.

            Sapori is probably be the best option of all those, if you can't convince someone to trek all the way there, I'd go w/ Uncle Peter's, but I doubt it's all that much closer to 74th & Roosevelt.