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Sushi Kai (Kensington) - Calgary

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100, 609 14 St NW

A branch of Sushi Kai in Dragon City mall in Chinatown.
Seats about 35-40.
1 woman server, 3 people in the kitchen, an owner(?) lunching with a friend .

Sushi - the usual selection - most pieces around the $2 mark so a little less expensive than most other places. Uni was highest @ $3.50.
Many roll options - about a dozen unique to Sushi Kai.
A large choice of kitchen selections.

I chose the lunch bento box ($10.50) with sashimi (+$1.95) and chicken teriyaki.
It lets me try a couple of things without going too overboard - not actually served in a bento box.
I found the miso soup to be flavourful but a little salty for my taste.
The salad with ginger dressing was fine.
The sashimi - 6 pieces - salmon, tuna, hamachi, squid, amaebi + one that I couldn't identify.
Servings of salmon, tuna and hamachi were cut thin but large - about twice the size of a "regular" serving.
Chicken teriyaki was a large bowl of rice with a good amount of chicken and sauce (I love the sauce).

I found lunch to be tasty and good value for the money

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  1. While I found their sushi quite good, I think the value was terrible.
    13.50 for almost every roll. 16.50 for the Spider Roll (which I should say was amazing, but 16.50!?).
    Their rolls are labelled "giant" on the menu, but I only found them slightly larger than your average.
    Great sushi, poor value.