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Aug 12, 2009 10:52 AM

Reynolds Handi-Vac Discontinued

I'm really sorry to see this item discontinued. Most of the time, it worked well for me. Then, it didn't. I called the 800 # and the operator asked me to let him "hear" it. He said the suction was not working right and he'd send me a coupon for another.

Yesterday, Safeway in San Francisco had them for about 1/2 price (free to me with the coupon) but no extra bags to buy. So, I called the 800 # again and was informed they were discontinued and I could mail order the bags from a certain company -- not interested in doing that.

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  1. I noticed that several months ago when I tried to find the bags. Do you think the ziploc version bags would work, or does anyone have any experience with that?

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      I've never tried the ziploc system thing; have you? I already have the pricey (esp. the bags) food saver so the Reynolds I was using just for quick little stuff. The company said that Safeway should have pulled this thing off the shelves; people are going to be upset when they discover they've wasted their $$ and cannot buy the bags except from some mail order site.

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        I also bought the reynolds handi vac and just love it. i just went to buy more bags and couldnt find any so i picked up the ziploc version of them and they worked great.

      2. Thanks for the heads up. I use mine frequently. I'm hitting the stores tomorrow to try to find extra bags...

        1. I use the Ziploc bags. They leak much less than the Reynolds bags, and they can be dropped into boiling water.

          1. I couldn't find the bags anywhere in my area, so I bought the Ziploc version. The Handi-Vac works on the ziplocs if you remove the seal over the vacuum port on the upper right of the bag and then place the vacuum over the tiny hole in the bag. Then put the seal over the opening (don't know if this part is necessary, but I do it anyway).

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            1. re: Petsyrah

              That's interesting; I'll have to give it a try. How does the Ziploc one work w/out using the handi-vac? What I mean is, do you like the way that one works, as the designer intended?

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                thanks for this tip. I'll give it a try!

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                  Thanks so much! It works like a charm! I like the vacuum 'tool' that Reynolds sold, have it, and now it works great with the bags I can buy. Win, win. I am so glad you discovered this little trick!
                  Happy bagger!

                2. May I make a suggestion, Reynolds has a Facebook page, I think everyone needs to go there and tell them how much they love the product and how DISAPPOINTED you are with them for discounting the bags.. Let's begg them to put them back on the market, I'm really upset because I bought mine about a month ago and now I can't find the bag... GO TO FACEBOOK!!!!! Here's the link.. Maybe if we let them know if they don't bring the bags back we will not buy anything of there's any longer..


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                    I've now been using the Ziplock bags. Their "tool" to suck the air out is low tech, works like a bicycle pump, no batteries!! I like these a lot, prefer them to the Reynolds BUT am not having trouble finding them, in SF, the big stores like Lucky and Safeway no longer have them on the shelves.