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Aug 12, 2009 10:51 AM

Dave's Place, Center Point, TX - Anyone been?

I read about this in a Texas HIghways magazine and am a bit intrigued. Has anyone been and, if so, what are your thoughts?

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  1. Dave's is a wonder. Laid back but attentive service - order at the window - buffalo burger to lobster nuggets - it's upscale bar fare with a zen type swamp garden complete with parrots, cockatoos and koi pond OR take a on one of the four terraces that lead down to the Guadalupe river - only two tables per terrace enhance the illusion of privacy. it's a roadside dream with cabins available for rent - the food is good - the place is a memory to keep. :-)

    1. Dave's Place is very unique and interesting and anyone in the area should stop by at least once. After all how often does one get to eat and drink surrounded by exotic birds and other creatures.

      The food however is just food and nothing special. The times I have been there the condiments are just left on a table in the heat. Dave is usually around and his shtick is basically just being surly with anyone that looks at him, or screaming at the help which tends to be his wife.

      While I am not totally sold on the place as I said when I started this everyone should stop by the place at least once if you are in the area, but once is probably enough.