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Aug 12, 2009 10:27 AM

house in media!

just tried two of the best panini sandwiches in my life. The El Nino (fresh avocado chicken salad with spicy hints of chipotle) and the king khan (spicy buffalo chicken inspired panini with gorgonzola and caramelized onions) and was blown away. This place is is located off the beaten path of State street in Media, but if you decide to sidetrack yourself away from the usual humdrum of boring hoagies and pizza, house has got the BEST and most interesting menu. I believe they use local and organic too! Seriously, how many suburban sandwich shops top their tomato gazpacho with white truffle oil and diced cucumber? This place is awesome!!

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  1. Been there about 5 times. I've had most of their sandwiches (which the selection rotates) and the salads (which are tiny). Sandwiches are ok but not worth the price. Example, King Khan: 2 pieces of sour dough with maybe 2-3 oz of chicken and buffalo sauce (pressed) is hardly worth $7.50. I do not mean to criticize, because I respect what they are trying to do, but they need to offer more value if they are going to survive.

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      hmm. I guess I wasn't thinking on terms of budget. I did think their king khan was delish though...and everything is served on Metropolitan bread. I guess I'm comparing against planet hoagie, which may give you more on value, and may even taste pretty darn good when you're feeling hungry, but for taste I would rather spend $7.50 on a panini that does not use crystal buffalo sauce as their hot sauce. I don't think they are doing that bad anyways.....packed house with line out the door on gross 100% humid day..yuck.

    2. I love house!! I usually get one of their grilled cheeses (off their grilled section!) With their homemade tomato soup when it's in season fall/winter? Right now I'm really into the featherweight which is locally grown tomato(yum), fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella on metropolitan's foccacia. I think what makes this sandwich for me is the extra virgin olive oil (organic favorite....infused with roasted garlic, and his aged balsamic.. It is superb!! As far as price is is definitely quality over quantity...but I still don't think their prices are unreasonable.

      1. Tried to find House and couldn't. Where exactly is it?

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          It's easy to miss -- it's south of State St. on Jackson. Here's the website:
          I enjoyed the one sandwich I had there, but agree that the prices are kind of high for sandwiches.

        2. I went here for lunch today and was astonished by how long the line was for lunch. There was literally a line out the door (granted the place is tiny with 6 tables unside) After waiting for what seemed like an eternity (hadn't eaten breakfast :) I can now say I understand what the wait and line was for. Though house serves lunch fare like your typical sandwiches, salads, soups...they do so much more! It seems that all their food is made from scratch. I ordered the cream of mushroom soup not expecting much....but what I got was a bowl full of heaven! Creamy delicious homemade soup topped with aged gorgonzola and white truffle oil. It was AMAZING! My half panini consisted of cider braised pork with aged white cheddar and caramelized onions (not small at all may I add) which I sided with the fall salad (pecans, bacon, cheddar, raisins with homemade cider vinaigrette). I asked him for the dressing recipe and he happily gave it to me! I can understand some of the other reviews of being a bit pricey for lunch, but considering everything is made from scratch with the use of fair trade, local and organic items...I think house is a steal.