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Aug 12, 2009 10:05 AM

Travel Coffee Mugs

I found a post earlier about this topic but haven't been able to find it again. I'm looking for a mug or something I can drink out of on the go that will, most importantly, not make my coffee taste funny (I think it's the material in the top that does it) and will keep it hot until I'm finished with it. If you know where the thread is for his subject or have any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it! My new workout schedule is getting me out the door too late to have coffee at home and the stuff I make in my Bodum at the office is just not coffee! Thank you!

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    Copco makes a great travel mug - They can't go in dishwashers, but I just take a scrub brush to the lid and a scrubby sponge to the inside and it seems fine.


      I know people that love these. The silicone top doesn't seem to make that funny taste that the plastic one does. The one thing is I don't think they retain heat as well as the thermos like ones.

      1. I like my zorirushi tuff-slim vac bottle with pour spout. Runs about $35 or so, keeps liquids h-o-t all day. I drink out of a mug, just use the bottle to store the coffee. It does have a glass vac bottle inside the stainless sheath, so don't drop it.

        1. Not sure what you're spending on your coffee, but if it's really good coffee - like a single origin direct trade or auction or estate - it's going to taste much better as it cools. The closer it gets to room temp, the more flavor notes pop up.

          Drinking fine coffee as hot as one can stand it makes about as much sense as eating fine cheese right out of the refrigerator.

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            Um, thanks for the reply there Panini Guy. I like to drink my coffee hot. Not so hot that it burns my mouth, but I like a hot cup of coffee, not luke warm.

            To the rest of you, I found a great travel mug, a Copco. Thanks to all for the suggestions. My mornings are running much more smoothly now and I'm no longer hitting Starbucks every morning.

            1. re: eenie1

              I get that reaction all the time, no worries. Just trying to do my job of preaching the gospel of premium coffee and the chemical/physical facts on flavor development. Enjoy your new mug!

              1. re: Panini Guy

                thanks PG--I don't necessarily drink it extra hot, but like the fact that the Zori KEEPS it hot all day. Hot or cold, but not room temp for me. I'm not buying super- premium coffee but every great once in a while.

              2. re: eenie1

                I'm with you eenie. For me, coffee should be hot, not scalding but hot. And if your Copco fails you, check out the Sigg Metro Mug. Most excellent, stays hot (or cold, if used for a chilled beverage) all day and quite a pleasure to drink from (no pointy edges/threads on the outside) -- minor drawback is that it is narrower than some non-adjustable car cup holders.