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Aug 12, 2009 09:47 AM

coquette or bistro daisy ?

we are taking friends out for dinner sat evening and, for various reasons, have narrowed it down to these two. our first choice, patois, is out because they are closed this weekend. any other suggestions, however, are welcome!

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  1. I really like Bistro Daisy (try the Daisy Salad) but you will do very well at Coquette as well. They are fairly equal IMHO. I really like Lilette as well as Brigtsens

    1. I would definitely go with Bistro Daisy. I wasn't super impressed with Coquette. It was fine, but not really on the same level as Daisy, although Daisy is a bit more expensive.

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Coquette is my choice for this onebut Bistro Daisy is another great restaurant.

        1. re: louisiana

          Deciding factor may be whichever one you can procure a resv.

      2. For food, Daisy just edges out Coquette. Atmosphere, Coquette, hands down.

        1. The food at Bistro Daisy far outdoes that at Coquette. Though Coquette is cute, has lovely wine and excellent cocktails, the plates are unsubstantial and some of the food is simply not worth the cost. My recent meal at Bistro Daisy was one of the best I've had in the city, rivaling Patios, whose fall menu I adore.

          1. coquette's homemade bread is perhaps the best evar.

            i was slightly underwhelmed w/ my plate at coquette since it seemed naked w/o a substantial side (dont even remember what i ordered anymore), but my SO liked it much more than Daisy.