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Aug 12, 2009 09:47 AM

Manhattan butcher as good as Biancardi's?

Bianciardi's in the bronx is the probably the best butcher shop that I know of. I am just getting tired of making the trip up there everytime I want great veal, pork or steaks. I'm willing to pay manhattan prices for the convenience, but I cannot find the quality. Anyone have suggestions for a great butcher that stacks up to the 80 year old meat temple on arthur avenue?

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    1. I would definatly recomend Ottomanelli Brothers:


      They have been around for ever and are really nice guys! And they can get just about anything you would want.

      1. If you are looking for a great Italian butcher in Manhattan, I heartily recommend Pino's on McDougal Street just below Houston.

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          Totally agree on Pino--great guy and a great place, and his assistants are all top-notch, too. (His store is located on 149 Sullivan Street, between Houston and Prince.)

          Florence, on Jones Street, get the second vote...

        2. Esposito's on 9th Avenue around 37th street.

          old school, great products and prices