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Aug 12, 2009 09:29 AM

korean ribs from Alex Quality Meat Market?

someone i work with mentioned the korean beef ribs from Alex Quality Meat Market were worth checking out. has anyone bought from this place before? for korean meats uptown, i've checked out Galleria, i've never heard of Alex...

(on kennedy, south of 14th ave)

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  1. our family and friends have been going there for decades - quality is very good, they have all kinds of cuts that koreans eat and the proprietors are very friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to please, definitely worth the drive up (when we go it's usually for large purchases). Galleria is good but I think it's a bit pricier than Alex. In the eastern burbs, there is a P.A.T. on Lawrence East, just east of Warden, across from Nasr that has very good korean ribs as well, tho a bit pricey.

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      thanks for the info. can you buy ribs at Alex that are pre-marinated, and/or fresh or frozen? i remember the ones from Galleria fresh were really expensive so have opted to get frozen and buy marinade separately, but wonder if it's noticeably better to get ones already marinated.

      1. re: auberginegal

        is cheaper than Galleria, and you can buy them pre -marinated if you choose.
        However it is cheaper to purchase a jar of Buglogi sauce and the ribs.
        They always have the fresh on hand, and packaged in the refrigerated counter.
        They have the boneless beef marinated as well.
        I buy my shortribs there, as I like the quality..
        They will also cut them thicker for other uses.

        1. re: auberginegal

          I don't believe Alex sells marinated meat (at least not korean style marinades) - I have always bought the fresh cuts and not the frozen (tho I think frozen is available). I always buy the fresh and marinate the meat myself as I can better control the flavours (salty, sweet, etc). The premarinated meats I have had from Galleria have not been to my taste and I have had to add ingredients to add more flavour, but it certainly is more convenient if you're having a large party - I think they offer a picnic deal where if you buy some 50lbs of marinated beef, they throw in kimchi and smthg else for free. With korean kalbi/bulgogi, I don't find the length of time in the marinade improves the flavour at all; at home, I have marinated for 15 minutes, as well for several days (to weeks in the freezer) and the flavours are the same, soy sauce is pretty strong and permeates quickly imho. the marinade is very easy to make and i would always make at home rather than buy bottled ones - you can find lots of recipes on the home cooking board and elsewhere ( enjoy!