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Aug 12, 2009 09:22 AM

Pat La Frieda burgers on FreshDirect

FreshDirect has started carrying Pat La Frieda burgers and has been promoting them with dollar-off sales. Has anyone else tried them? I bought a four-pack of the ground brisket burgers and I am a believer. I see on their Web site that La Frieda sells to some top restaurants. The burgers I got from FD were as juicy and flavorful as I've had in a long time. I'm sure that's largely because the fat content is much higher than the ground beef I usually buy. I may never go back to lean ground beef.

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  1. They do the meat for Shake Shack and Minetta Tavern. I don't use FD so I haven't tried them.

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      Ii didn't see that thread. I searched this board and it was posted on the Manhattan board. Anyway, I urge those of you who do use FD to give these burgers a try.

    2. I tried them 2 nights ago. I got the ground short rib ones. They were very juicy and tasty, quite good. But the best I've had recently were the ones my wife got in Chelsea Market (forgot the name of the purveyor- I will find out and get back to you).

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        Thanks, CarnivOre. The last time I was in Chelsea Market I noticed signs for a new meat supplier that hadn't opened yet. I am going to be moving to Chelsea so I will definitely check it out. Between La Frieda and Chelsea Market, I see a lot of meat in my future.

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          That's the one! They aren't officially open yet, but they've been selling a limited selection. We've gotten great stuff there.

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            OMG, I am sooo excited! Found this online with more info:

            BTW, of the LaFrieda burgers, any suggestions on which ones are best to try? FD doesn't really explain the difference in flavor, texture, etc.