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Aug 12, 2009 09:15 AM

Breakfast in/near San Francisco's Hayes Valley?

I'll be eating breakfast Sunday through Tuesday and I'm staying in the Hayes Valley area. Any place close by that's a stand out for breakfast?

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  1. I've always enjoyed La Boulange de Hayes [500 Hayes]...on my last visit, the barista pulled an excellant doppio, and there were many food choices--savory or sweet...

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    1. re: Rapini

      La Boulange is my fave in the neighborhood for a good breakfast, their french toast is eggy and quite tasty.

      Another option is Stacks, which is across the street from La Boulange.

      1. re: Senor Popusa

        I also want to mention Cafe Corbas [Hayes btwn Franklin & Gough]...long before Hayes St. was fashionable--in fact, before it was even particularly safe--Corbas was pulling good espresso drinks, and serving pastries and bagels to neighborhood lawyers, and musicians and dancers from the symphony, Opera House, and ballet's still worth a stop...

    2. Suppenkuche serves brunch on Sundays. Mmmmm

      1. Thanks. Both recommendations are within walking distance. The only problem with Suppenkuche is that the smell of potato pancakes makes me nauseous.

        1. There's a new branch of Samovar up Hayes near the zen center at Page. Not sure what they have in the way of food, but the tea is good.

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          1. re: Windy

            I think you mean up Laguna. its on the south east corner of laguna and page.

            Samovar Tea Lounge
            297 Page St, San Francisco, CA

            1. re: Senor Popusa

              Sorry, yes. Have you eaten anything there?

              1. re: Windy

                Be aware that Samovar opens a bit later, at 10 AM. However, if you arrive at 10 AM, you can get their oat-cherry scones hot out of the oven, and they are fantastic. Their ginger/quinoa waffles are OK, not great, and their chai tea is meh.

                I like the chocolate chip waffles at Stacks ("Chocolate Divine waffle"), and they also have good bacon.

                1. re: ssfire

                  Excellent thanks. You can't have oto many oat-cherry scones.

                  I like their Masala chai blend, at least I 've liked it at Yerba Buena and when I made it at home.

          2. I haven't been myself but have heard great things about brunch at Bar Jules.

            Bar Jules
            609 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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            1. re: tvham

              Me too, but keep in mind brunch at Bar Jules is Sunday only.