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Aug 12, 2009 09:10 AM

CSA Surpise

Trying to figure out what this is? Picture affected by flash, should be light green all over.


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  1. That's the funniest dang thing I've ever seen... but my brain is trying to tell me it's a squash, but don't take my word.

    I was thinking that perhaps you should post a similar thread on another board also where it will have wider visibility.....

    1. I can't remember the name of it (its in threads here) but I've been told its like a Brazilian cucumber...quite tasty. Nieciwicz Farms in Bolton had them last year as a trial item and it looked like an alien mini-melon thing, Alan would dare folks to try it at farmer's markets. Search recent farmer's market threads, think someone referred to it in the one for August.

      1. Very interesting looking. Why not call the farmer and ask?

        1. Its called Maxixe, as mentioned its a vegetable from Brazil and has some similarities to a cucumber. I usually eat it with pork ribs -- you braise the ribs, then fry the maxixe in olive oil removing the spines with the skin and seeds and serve the two together (this is more in the style of how its made in Minas Gerais). The Northeast of Brazil its used even more and there are many recipes for a "maxixada" which can just be maxixe in a tomato/onion stew (with a bit of meat or not) or use all sorts of ingredients from sun-dried beef, to crab and shrimp, various squashes... sometimes coconut milk is included. Its good in soups (just don't cook it too much), you can also do something like cook beans and then season them with fried garlic, onion, spices and add the maxixe to cook for a few minutes at the end. If stewing leave it whole, but still remove the spines. I made an unusual recipe for feijoada pernambucana last year using maxixe although I prefer the simpler recipes.

          1. Thanks for the info everyone. Unfortunately, not my CSA and I didn't have the name of the farm to contact them. I knew the Chows would come thru!

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