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Aug 12, 2009 08:39 AM

Roundup BBQ (Fresno): meh

Quick dinner stop yesterday at Roundup Bar-B-Q & Italian Kitchen (I know, that’s funny combination).

BBQ pork sandwich: generous helping of thinly-sliced pork on a warmed (toasted?) hoagie-style roll. Pork was tender (though I suppose it’d be hard for such thinly-sliced meat NOT to be tender) but not particularly smoky tasting; decent but unremarkable.

Sauce was thick, tomatoey, a bit on the sweet side, not much BBQ flavor. Texture reminded me of a thick marinara-type sauce that you might put on a meatball sandwich. More like a slightly-BBQ-flavored tomato sauce rather than actual BBQ sauce. Is it just because this place also does Italian food that I’m associating the BBQ sauce with Italian tomato sauce?

I would say the sauce was not very good, but I overheard two women at another table both say they liked the sauce. Note to self: different strokes for different folks.

French fried were good: made to order on this visit. Crispy on the outside; fluffy on the inside.

I might return & try a hamburger, calzone or Italian hot sandwich, but I’ll stick to satisfying my BBQ cravings elsewhere in Fresno.

Roundup Bar-B-Q & Italian Kitchen
5730 N. First St., Suite 101
(Hoover Marketplace, SE corner of First & Bullard)

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  1. Interesting combination (Italian and BBQ) !! Thanks for being the guinea pig for the rest of us alan!!

    1. Is this the same Round Up BBQ that was 30 years ago in the Farmers Market at Tulare and Divisidero Streets and then a second place in the food court at Manchester Mall????? I remember that their sandwiches were GREAT and they had a salad with a oil/vinegar dressing that made your mouth pucker. Ah..... for the days of old.

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      1. re: Bakersfield Hound

        Probably the same place. They advertise on their take-out menu that they are the original BBQ from Manchester Farmer's Market.

        1. re: alanstotle

          I remember eating at the Farmer's Market one with my parents many many moons ago. I also remember really really loving their bbq beef sandwich and their enormous steak fries. It makes sense that the flavor wouldn't be super authentic considering the age of the business. Tastes in Fresno weren't terribly refined in the 80's. Folks looked for foods that were similar to fast food or canned food tastes back then. Sysco ruled the food scene. And likely the owners have chosen to stick with the recipes and flavors that made them popular back then. Now I'm going to have to stop in and see if a bbq beef will trigger any latent memories.

          1. re: EatingoutFresno

            We always used to get the BBQ pork sandwich. I loved it better than the beef; and that dressing on the salad that made you mouth pucker up. OH yeah!

      2. Looking for good BBQ I visited Roundup BBQ. The BBQ sauce was absolutely without taste. Just a saucy consistency. Also ordered side of beans. I could feel them in my mouth but no matter how hard I tried I could not find any taste from them. It was comical and figured maybe it was just me but I asked my nephew what he thought and he was thinking the same thing! So far the best BBQ has been at Daves BBQ.

        Roundup Barbq
        5730 N 1st St, Fresno, CA 93710