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Aug 12, 2009 08:36 AM

Cincinati area .. suggestions on Happy hour sports type bars .. good buffalo wings

we are heading back to Cincy, lived there many years ago... will have to get the ribs at Montgomery Inn, a La Rosa's pizza and some cincy chile........

But we also love the neighborhood sports type bar, with cold beer's(don't need 30 choice's of beer) and great wings..

best wings are different for different people... for us its the traditional buffalo with a choice of how hot a sauce... I'm a med to hot , the wife is nuts and can eat 911 wings.. but what we like are deep fried.. and extra crispy.. of of course I love cheap or happy hour specials. a good burger, or pizza,,, couldn't hurt

the best wings we ever had were in the Pittsburgh area , near the old airport, place called.. "wings,spuds & suds".... FYI

we will be at a Reds game and downtown and in the UC area, and Montgomery, Mt Adams, and out near Kings Island... Thanks!!!

ps .. any biking trails or greenways so I can work off those beers?

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  1. The wings you describe (deep fried and crispy) sound like the kinds of wings one gets at Frickers. Frickers is a smallish sports bar type chain out of Dayton, and there's one at:
    1580 Goodman Ave
    Cincinnati, OH 45224-1005
    (513) 729-2229

    For bike trails, the Little Miami trail ends in Milford OH, east of downtown Cinci near the Ohio River, and you can ride it north all the way to Springfield OH (78miles one way). It's gorgeous, follows the Little Miami River and is an old train track, so it's mostly flat, although it is slightly uphill (less than a 2% grade) heading north. Here's a link:

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      hey thanks , we were aware and are planning on riding the LM trail... it sounds great.. and thanks for the heads up on Frickers!!

    2. buffalo wings and rings! (not bw3's!) multiple locations