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Aug 12, 2009 08:32 AM

Visiting Toronto from Nashville

I’ll be visiting Toronto with my wife September 6th-12th. We’re staying at the Delta Chelsea. I have nothing planned…except a baseball game, maybe TIFF, and mostly eating and exploring the city. I’d love any recommendations for anything…mostly the best bang for the buck type of deals…and a few nicer places. And one last thing…where can I find the best Jamaican patty in Toronto? Thanks in advance...

So far on the list of to do:

Moe Pancer’s Deli
Lai Wah Heen
Mother’s Dumplings
Beer Bistro
Sidecar Bar & Grill
Souz Dal
Eat My Martini
Joy Bistro

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  1. Souz Dal is a bar and doesn't serve food afaik.

    1. czehoski has turned into a bar pretty much.... nothing worth eating there after nathan left.

      eat my martini serves cocktails in martini glasses, i'm not sure if they even do a good actual martini.

      best jamaican patty for me was caribbean queen of patties up on bloor by lansdowne but she seems to be suffering from consistency issues and my last one made me hesitant to return. i'd rec randys then though i'd say it's a whole different animal with that one.

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        Actually, an actual martini is one of the better options at EMM - less watered down. Skip it, unless you're really in the mood for cheap drinks. You get what you pay for.

        I have two automatic things I take visitors to do/tell them to do if I'm not free - one is to go up to the Rooftop Lounge at the Park Hyatt for drinks. Good classic cocktails, good service, and a fantastic view of the city from above. The other is to go to St. Lawrence Market, pick up tasty things for a picnic, and head out to the Toronto Islands. These are my two favorite ways to sit and just soak in the city for a bit.

        If the new Caplansky's is open by then (which he is hoping to be), you might check that out for lunch at some point. His smoked meat is wonderful, and you won't get anything quite like it anywhere else.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          a lot of people will say Randy's has the best Jamaican patties, it's by Oakwood and Eglington. A 5 min walk from Eglinton West station.

          There are a bunch of jerk places nearby such as Rap's. Kill two birds w/ one stone.

        2. Brassaii is my go to place for a casual business lunch, so I like it but I wouldn't necessarily put it on a list for out of town visitors

          Joy Bistro similarly, OK but not what I would call a destination

          Globe Bistro on the other hand...

          Would probably think of a couple more ethnic options, some Indian and/or Ethiopian

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            Globe Bistro
            Rooftop Lounge @ Park Hyatt



          2. The original comment has been removed