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Your Favorite Take Out in Santa Monica.....?

I sometimes find myself in Santa Monica, but want to hit the road back home to the OC before traffic gets bad...what is your favorite 'Santa Monica Area' take out food? (I sure wish Joan's on Third had an outpost in SM.)

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  1. While we have only tried the sit down portion of the restaurant this might be a good time for you to give the Larder at the new Tavern LA on Brentwood a try and see what you think.


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      What do you recommend I try, what is their forte?

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        Both the main courses we had were very good (I had the barramundi - a type of Australian fish) and my wife had the Devil's Chicken (the devil’s chicken with leeks and mustard breadcrumbs) and I tried the lamb merguez with cous cous, almonds and roasted apricots appetizer which was great. Our "snickers bar" dessert was equally top notch.

        They were doing a busy take away business. In fact Ben Stiller was taking away food while we ate. I'm willing to bet that their salads are probably really good, but I imagine you will find quite a few tempting dishes on the downloadable menu on the Larder website I linked.

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          Heard they were really pricey in the larder. Also, where do you park?

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            They have a lot directly beside the restaurant with some parking spots reserved for picking up "to go" food.

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              Good, will try them very soon then.

    2. Fresh + healthy + fast + reasonably priced + in a wrap = California Chicken Café. I drove from Malibu to SGV last week. I got hungry in Santa Monica and wanted to keep driving in order to beat the heavy traffic so I stopped for a Veggie wrap to-go (veggie rice primavera, guacamole, carrots, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, and mayo) and once I was on the freeway I almost turned back for a second one to take home for later. This stuff is really good. The Chinese chicken salad wrap is also great. See the menu for their list of wraps. The rotisserie chicken is succulent and it is used to make the chicken wraps. The fruit salad is awesome but it takes two hands to eat.
      2401 Wilshire Boulevard
      Santa Monica, CA 90403 (NE corner of 24th St.)
      Tel: (310) 453-0477

      Main page

      1. If you like Joan's on Third, I suggest trying Clementine. They're sandwiches, salads, take out entrees and cookies have all been really good

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          Clementine is also a favorite--their chicken pot pie is seriously good!

        2. Can't beat a Bay Cities sandwich. Yes, if you get most kinds, the bread won't make it to OC, but last time we were there, the SO got proscuttio, fresh mozzerella, roasted red peppers, and just a smear of deli mustard. It held up quite well.

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            I second Bay Cities. If the sandwiches aren't your thing, try their hot food counter. They have excellent pot roast, lasagna, and spaghetti and meatballs.

            They also sell great cold foods, such as cheese, olives, and loaves of bread at the market. You can make a picnic lunch out of it.

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                Was just at Bay Cities today. I love their meatballs...and their fresh pasta (in the fridge in back) is unmatched! Their homemade bread is not artisanal, but exquisite halved and topped with butter laced with minced garlic and fresh Genovese basil then baked until golden brown and bubbly...mmm!

            1. Huckleberry has a great prepared salads case if you're looking for something along the same lines at Joan's.

              1. More SM/WLA-ish, but some of my regular takeout includes:


                Tacos Por Favor

                Port Royal Cafe

                Ambala Dhaba

                Father's Office (beats waiting for a table)

                Bay Cities

                Calbi BBQ truck


                Monte Alban (though, unfortunately, they just had a fire at their building)

                Joe's Pizza

                That's all that I can think of now.

                1. I've always enjoyed the sandwiches at Bergamot Cafe.

                  1. Second Tacos Por Favor, Huckleberries.

                    Unfortunately do to tight parking, I find it pretty hard to do a take out run, unless I have someone in the car with me to be the runner.

                    1. Cynthia's on the Corner
                      Kreation Kafe (great breakfast, cold tapas platter, and homemade hummus)
                      A Votre Sante
                      Bay Cities
                      17th St Cafe
                      La Scala (just for the chopped salad)

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                        On weekends, my husband and I tend to get a lot of take out from Santa Monica since I cook all week; we like Rosti:

                        Rosti Santa Monica

                        931 Montana Ave
                        Santa Monica, CA 90403
                        (310) 393-3236

                        and you can order online and tell them what time you will pick it up.

                        I'm SO sorry to hear it was Monte Alban that had the fire - heard Santa Monica Blvd. was closed between Bundy and Barrington and didn't realize it was that place - that's where we had takeout from LAST week!

                      2. Lots of great recommendations above, I would add just Cynthia's on the Corner to the list. Especially if you like Joan's on Third (Cynthia's used to be on Third, a few years ago)

                        Cynthia's On The Corner
                        1518 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403