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Aug 12, 2009 07:48 AM

Candybar Themed Meal main course suggestions

My friends and I are planning a candybar themed meal, and while we're having no problem with first courses, beverages and desserts, we're having more difficulty with main courses. Anyone have any ideas?

The many course should have some visual cue to a candy bar, or some ingredient similarity, but more protein based and not as sugary sweet!

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  1. You could always make a roast and stick three of those plastic swords (used for cocktail garnishes) as a cue to the Three Musketeers bar. Or something with chopped peanuts on top (Snickers). Rolo-laden (rouladen as a cue for Rolos). This is a bit challenging!

    1. What about doing
      a beef short rib or duck with a a cherry/blueberry chocolate sauce/rub for cherry cordials?

      or a mole with some flavors like you might have in a Chunky bar(raisins, nuts, chocolate)?

      or a piece of fish en en papillote, using shiny foil instead, just like a hersey's bar?

      or what about Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Jordan almond squab(see Mark Bittman's book or PBS series)?
      Not all are candy bars per se, but a good start? Maybe..good luck!

      1. How about lamb "lollipops"? Or any kind of rollitini, sliced and again put on a stick for a swirled lollipop effect? Or (and this might be a bit labor intensive) individual Beef Wellingtons in a red and white swirled pastry made to look like a big peppermint candy?

        1. You could do meatloaf in a more squared shape so it's reminiscent of a giant candy bar. I wonder if you could do some kind of a meatloaf/cottage pie hybrid, so that there would be a layer of mashed potato in your meatloaf?

          Carrot coins, like Necco wafers

          Some kind of potato gratin, also sliced into bar shapes, maybe topped with mushrooms or a mushroom gravy (a la chocolate coating).

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          1. re: cyberroo

            - Parsnip coins, cooked separately in food-coloring-dyed water.
            - Make a thick brown gravy to "ice" the rectangular meatloaf.
            - There are candy-striped red&white beets.
            - Big seared scallops as marshmallows. Put on melba toast squares and drizzle with a thick soy-based reduction (hoisin/teriyaki...whatever) as the "chocolate" for S'mores.

            1. re: cyberroo

              I actually had the same idea with a meatloaf and say it's a "Watchamacalit" ;)

            2. My immediate reaction was some sort of Thai-Mexican fusion dish with both mole and peanut sauces...I'm just not sure where to go from there...