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Aug 12, 2009 07:32 AM

Wall St Lunch

Hi folks, having a business lunch with an old friend / colleague around Wall St in Lower Manhattan. Looking for someplace low key that's not a pub, Les Halles or sushi joint. Any hot tips? It's always felt like a bit of a foodie wasteland down here....

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  1. My local fav is Aqua at Peck Slip by the Seaport - might be a bit of a walk for you, but it's a quaint, rustic atmosphere with AMAZING food. Try any pasta ....all are outstanding ...and the apple tart w/mascarpone ice cream is unreal....

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      Second Aqua. Really simple, fresh, mostly organic Italian food like you can make at home. Salads and pasta are way to go. I've eaten through most of their menu. Outdoor seating if the weather is nice.

      Made Fresh Daily on Front is nice. Casual, not crowded. Sandwiches and light fare. No table service.

      1. SHO Shaun Hergatt has been getting some buzz here lately, but it might be too expensive/upscale for your purposes.

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          Just had lunch at SHO. $30 prix fixe in a gorgeous, sadly uncrowded space.

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            I'd definitely throw in SHO, though I wasn't entirely clear how to take "low key"--it's low key in that you'll definitely get away from the financial district lunch hour craziness, but it's not exactly casual. More...mellow and lovely. OP did say "foodie", however, so maybe...

            Actually have another rec to throw into the ring going forward. This is not at all the same thing as my rec for SHO (totally different universes food-wise), but I was happy with it nonetheless--Harry's Italian on Gold Street. It fills up during lunch, but it's pretty spacious (so I'd say it gets so "pleasant hum" rather than "obnoxious din") and the food is really straightforward competent American-Italian. Pastas and salads (which are enormous, by the way) all for about $10 or under. Pizza is Adrienne's-like (which makes me wonder whether it's the same place as you're recommending below, since I think it's at 2 Gold), though not quite as good--reasonably priced and generously topped, but the crust was just a bit doughier...

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              Thanks, planetjess. I didn't remember the name of the new Italian at 2 Gold -Harry's Italian. I haven't been yet.

              Agree with you that SHO is not low key in a casual way. It's an upscale option, though the atmosphere is calm.

        2. How about Smörgås Chef ? It is at 53 Stone Street, (btw. Hanover Sq & Broad St)

          Its a great little Scandinavian, offering very fresh stuff. We love the fish dishes, but also like their other stuff. Just a few days ago we had lunch at their PAS location at Scandinavia house and loved it - but we especiallly enjoy the Stone Street location during the warm seasons, when the the whole block of Stone Street is one big cozy patio.

          1. Smorgas Chef is a great idea. I also love Trinity, located in an old bank vault across from Liberty Plaza.

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              Actually Smorgas Chef IS a good those meatballs!

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                yeah, waaaaay better meatballs than Ikea! All good suggestions - Aqua sounds like a nice find. Has anyone spent anytime over on Front St just N of the Seaport? I had a nice sandwich at Barbarini Alimentari and the pasta looked pretty tempting. Seemed like a cute place.

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                  I recommended this place earlier on another thread, but a couple of blocks down, on Maiden and Broadway, there's a Middle-Eastern spot called Alfanoose. Awesome falafel and chicken shwarma there. The line is pretty crazy during prime lunch hours, but I used to go a lot at around 130-2, and it was far less crowded