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Aug 12, 2009 07:30 AM

Frank Bruni's last moves, acceptable or not?

Does anyone find it annoying that Frank Bruni (NYTimes Restaurant Critic) is making such large last moves right before he leaves? Just recently he took a star from Union Square Cafe and today he awarded Eleven Madison Park four. Maybe he has the right? Any takes?

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  1. Maybe so his successor can make some large *first* moves?

    1. What's so wrong with Bruni continuing to do his job until he leaves?

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      1. I agree with Frank Bruni. Right now two stars is enough for USC.

        I love this friendly restaurant and have been an "infrequent regular" for about 15 years.
        USC is so delightful in many ways: its hospitality, its good wine list and the nice space; but the food has had its ups and downs. There have been periods when the food has been quite delicious and then there have been periods when the food has not been that great. Lately, I have been visiting the restaurant less "frequently" again, since the food has not been as good as it could be.

        I hope the Bruni review inspires the kitchen to pull itself together again, and to show us how good they really can be.

        When we were in our "EMP period", we thought it was an excellent restaurant, all around: The food, the service and the space. We had both dinners and lunches there, and every bite was a joy. The service was as professional and friendly during lunch as it was during dinner services.

        We even brought guests (quite critical & "spoiled" foodies) with us to EMP on a couple of occasions, and they were all blown away.

        So, I would not have been overly surprised if EMP had received four stars already back then. The only reason we have not been back for about a year and a half, is that there are so many restaurants to try in New York, and I am trying to fight the temptation to go to the same ones all the time. (I tend to do that way too much).

        The only reason today's four star review "bugs" me, is that I had just decided that it is time to go back to EMP, but now it will be much harder to get a reservation again.

        1. I've thought Union Square deserved to lose a star, myself. I've had two severely underseasoned dishes there -- one being potatoes -- in the past couple of years. You shouldn't have to ask for the salt shaker in a place like that, especially at those prices.