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Aug 12, 2009 07:29 AM

Free snacks?

Are there any bars in New Orleans, preferably the French Quarter area, that serve complimentary snacks? Also, any advice on the best happy hours? (I just moved here and I'm on a serious budget)

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  1. Bon Temps Roule on Magazine has free oysters from 5-7 on Fridays during oyster season.

    1. Try the website and search for bars near Tulane. There is a list of happy hours and specials on each day of the week. Most are Uptown, however. If you are Uptown, also try Fat Harry's, The Bulldog, or Superior Grill. During crawfish season, the Bulldog will allow you to take a bag of crawfish from The Happy Fisherman directly across the street and enjoy them on their patio. There is also another Bulldog location off of Canal. In the CBD, Lucy's is a lot of fun and in the Quarter, try the Chart Room, or any number of bars on Bourbon that offer 3 for 1. That is most definetly a budget friendly option.

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        As someone who has worked on Bourbon Street for several years I must comment on the 3 for 1 specials. They are generally a horrible value. You may get three bottles of beer for one price, but the price could easily be 10 or more dollars. And if you get 3 for 1 with mixed drinks it is generally a weak, "triple shot" cocktail for the same upwards of 10 dollar price range.
        Try MRB in the Quarter for cheap ($3.00 wells with a heavy handed pour) drinks and a good atmosphere, they have all the sports packages and a reasonably priced kitchen out back. Also Molly's on the Market has $2.00 high lifes on, I believe, thursday. And R Bar has free shrimp boils, oysters and bbq periodically.

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          I have never partaken in the 3 for 1, but in theory it shounds like a good idea. Now I know why i have never done so. Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully a lot of tourists read this and don't fall prey.Also note in my above post I referred to the Big Fisherman as the Happy Fisherman. We just dined at at a seafood restaurant known as the Happy Fisherman and apparently I transposed the names. sorry!

      2. three legged dog on upper burgundy in the quarter has perm 2-4-1, left over from katrina.

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          At 3 Legged Dog, note that they serve you both at once, so go with a pal who has similar tastes. And they have a kitchen too, but nothing free as far as I know.

          The Chart Room on Chartres @ Bienville has icy mugs of High Life for $1.50 all day every day, but no free snacks.

        2. Igor's on St. Charles has free red beans and rice every Monday. And you can get cheap beer there for sure. And do your laundry, too.

          1. Rendez Vous (Uptown, not far from the Bulldog) will also let you bring in food from Big Fisherman or any of the other options within walking distance. And on Sundays, they have free Indian food - if you're on a serious budget, it's one of the best deals in town. Get a $2 Abita and eat all the chana masala you can stomach.