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Aug 12, 2009 07:23 AM

Birchrunbville Store Cafe--what to order

Going for the first time this Friday....wife's birthday. Any standout dishes? Desserts as well. Thanks!

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  1. Excellent place to celebrate a birthday! Must have made the reservations well in advance for a weekend seating.

    While everything on the printed/normal menu are great, I think the stand-outs are often the daily verbal specials. When we have been there these have ranged from osso buco to stuffed boar tenderloin (mind-blowing incredible) to venison tenderloin. Overall, I find that overall I prefer his meat dishes to his fish. Cant really comment on desserts, not a big sweet person. I'm sure you will have a great experience, and most importently, while you are there make a reservation for your next dinner!

    1. Dont recall if Francis offers the tasting menu on Fridays, but that would be my choice. Or as EpicurBurbs said, go for the specials, though you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu, especially the gnocchi if it is offered.

      Desserts are all good.

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        Unfortunately he is only offering the tasting menu on the first Tuesday of every month...... However, it is definitely worth doing.

      2. Agree with everyone else on the specials usually being really worth it. The last few times we have been, he had turbot, which was to die for.