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Aug 12, 2009 07:20 AM

Heading to AntiPasti in White Plains - What to order?

Hello chowhounders,

I'm heading to AntiPasti in White Plains for my birthday on Friday. I'm going with 5 of my friends for dinner/drinks. I have been dying to check this place out for a while and am really excited about it. But, I noticed that they have a new Executive Chef - has anybody been there recently?

Also, what do I ABSOLUTELY have to order? I'd like to do a selection of AntiPasti (obviously) and then perhaps an entree. Is it easy to fill up on all of the AntiPasti and then not need a main dish. I don't have any dietary restrictions so suggest away!

Thanks guys - I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions!

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  1. We''ve been there several times. Unfortunately it was much better, in my opinion, with the former chef. However, pizza there is great as well as the antipasti. Happy bday.

    1. Go somewhere else....Bar is never crowded.....Food is so so and expensive.

      1. Stick with your plans and go here - you will have a good time. You can sit outside on the terrace which is great if it's a nice place. Haven't been in a while (since the new chef), but the antipasti is a must and the pizzas are great too.

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          If you must go there, just have a drink and an antipasti and go somewhere else for dinner.

        2. It seems like a fun place! I would actually prefer if the bar wasn't too crowded - some of the bars along mamaroneck ave get so crowded sometimes! I don't get into White Plains often but when I do, its a little nuts!

          As long as the wine and the food is flowing, I'm sure my friends and I will be fine! I'll report on the new Chef after.

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            Enjoy and report back. There is never anyone at the bar. I know what you mean about the bars on Mamaroneck ave but they are pubs and geared to a young noisy crowd. You should try Haiku in white plains. Good food and fun.