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Aug 12, 2009 07:04 AM

Dress code for Stella, August, Brigsten's & Commander's Palace?

Hi. My bf and I will be visiting some nice restaurnats in NOLA this weekend, and we need some suggestions for the dress code(s):

- Dinners @ Stella, August & Brigtsen's
- Sunday jazz brunch @ Commander's Palace

Some of these places seem to have a more casual (decor) setting than others... so not sure if "business casual" means the same for all? Any of them on the dressier (or more casual) side? Is a strappy cocktail dress and high heels too much for all (or any)?

Coming from NYC, we usually tend (and like) to lean on the dressier side for nice dinners. In the spirit of making a night out of visiting some of these places, we'd like to dress up... however, appropriately. I really just want to enjoy my food and not worry about under/over dressing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you :)

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  1. You've made some excellent choices.

    My wife and I have been to each of these great places and I agree with your plan: jacket, or jacket/tie, with slacks for gents and nice dress for ladies.

    You'll feel at home in all these places dressed as nicely as you would in NYC.

    Enjoy! I'm envious and was in New Orleans just a few weeks ago.

    If you have the time, make your way to the newly renovated Roosevelt Hotel and have a drink at The Sazerac. Sadly it had not yet opened when we visited.

    1. At Restaurant August and Brigtsens, you would be comfortable in business casual, although my husband generally wears a jacket, although not necessarily a tie. At Commander's and Stella! I would highly recommend a jacket, and have seen few without them. You will be fine in anything from a cute summery dress to a cocktail dress, just depending on the degree of formality you wish to go with. IMHO, you can almost never be "overdressed". Have a great time!

      1. It's so nice to hear someone ask this question. Thanks for caring, Vinifera.

        Even NYC, as you know, is relaxing its dress codes. Which may or may not be a bad thing in the workplace (I shouldn't opine, having never had a conventional desk job). But for special occasions — a great dinner, the theater — I think spiffing up heightens the occasion, sets it apart from the ordinary. It's a physical and psychic shifting of gears.

        As a New Orleanian, I can appreciate that hot weather makes some people want to wear as little as possible. But after watching people shuffle around in tank tops, shorts and flip-flops all day, it's nice to go to a good restaurant for dinner and see people making an effort to look...........better. Better! There, I said it.

        Have a wonderful time. (Great choice of restaurants!)

        1. I would recommend a jacket for Stella, August, and Commander's. Business casual would be on par at Brigsten's.

          1. A sharp suit never does anyone harm, especially at Stella and August.