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Aug 12, 2009 06:43 AM

Cheshire/New Haven CT area: transplant needs recommendations!

Hey everyone, I recently moved to Cheshire from West Hartford. I had my favs in the WH area (see my recent posts) but now need to explore my new digs. I know it's not that far, but I haven't eaten much down here at all. I work in Bridgeport and my husband is in New Haven, so really anything in the area is doable.

I've done the New Haven pizzas (fan of Sally's) and Blackie's hot dogs. Have started to sample the Cheshire pizzas (Rossini's) but haven't found one that I'm a big fan of yet. I'll eat all kinds of food, as long as its good.

Let's get a discussion going!

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  1. Welcome to the area! My newest favorite in the area is Sweet Claudes Ice Cream (next to McDonalds)....very good and creative flavors. I like Rossini's for pizza but tend to make the drive to New Haven when we want the good stuff. If you come on over to Wallingford, check out Archie Moore's--great bar food and excellent buffalo wings.

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      You would think with all the money in Cheshire there would be better restaurants. What's up with that!

    2. My personal opinion of the best apizza in Cheshire is Grand Apizza, Cheshire which is a recent arrival located on Route 10 in the center of town. Doesn't compare to Modern or the other well known New Haven pizzerias but it's here and they deliver. Brix, a Mediterranean themed restaurant has been around for a long time and usually gets decent reviews though I personally have not been for 6 or 7 years.
      No good reason for not going except that I normally tend to eat out of town as apparently do most of the residents.
      Another possibility to try might be Yellowfins for seafood in the Everybody's Market shopping center. I have never been as I don't care for shopping center restaurants in general which is not really a valid reason, I'm probably missing some gems because of this prejudice.
      Waverly Tavern from what I have seen is a favorite watering hole for many locals, It has a prime rib special on Saturday nights which is a really good deal and worth getting there early to take advantage of before they run out. The Victorian House nearly next door to the Waverly is pretty much the same type of place, active bar scene with attached dining rooms which serve passable though not outstanding food. They do a good job with French onion soup.

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        Grand Apizza Cheshire n e "relation" to the one in New Haven?

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          I don't understand your question.

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            Sorry...there is a Grand Apizza on Grand Ave in New it the same people?

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              Sorry to tell you, but I have no idea of who owns it. I assume they are related based on the name along with the North Haven and Clinton ones, as well as one in Madison, but all I know is that in about 10 tries, 8 have been quite good for the town of Cheshire.

      2. You'll want to make a reservation and go to La Tavola in Waterbury--just a hop, skip and jump from Cheshire. I recommend sitting downstairs in the wine cellar at night. Many reviews (including mine) here:

        There are lots of current New Haven threads that will lead you to all sorts of good chow. Have fun exploring!

        1. Only a little further away, but worth it - Bistro Basque in Milford- delicious tapas

          (and some entrees if so inclined)- executed perfectly (the cauliflower puree in serrano ham- and the garlic shrimp (in a kind of spicy sherry sauce/gravy -oh my gosh! All served enough for two w/fresh salad leaves on almost each serving. Fresh bread everytime the dish changes if you want it. Reasonable price (including approx 6-9 dishes, dessert, coffee, 2 glasses of wine approx $80. I am looking forward to going back (before I forget, the decor and ambiance is a cross between a hip, boutiquey NYC kind of restaurant and more intimate kind of restaurant. Chef/proprietor came out both times I have been to check if we enjoyed the meal, the wait staff were friendly and polite and we received a free liqueur/apperatif on both visits. My newest fave place - apparently there is a small terrace out the back, but didnt eat there personally (Milford is also a very pretty little town in the center, quite scenic with ponds/greenery and bridges- and a real "village feel, and last weekend home to what seemed like a gazillion swans, ducks and geese (does anyone remember Rainbow Garden on the green, years ago- it used to be excellent??


          The Chowder Pot for us, is the seafood equivalent to a an Outback, very standard, middle of the road, inexpensive food. I think Lenny's has the best fries out there (and a pretty good lobster club sandwich at the moment!).

          Went to Yellowfins once, it was incredibly noisy, and the very young staff treated us like we were really bothering them by walking in (bunch of kids who couldn't care less and just stood chatting together at the back of the restaurant), It seemed so much effort, we decided to relieve them of their efforts and simply left.
          Enjoy your outings OP and welcome to the area.

          1. Hands down, The Watch Factory Restaurant in Cheshire. Food is unbelievable and Spaten Oktoberfest is always on tap. Markus (chef/owner) is one of the most talented chefs I've ever met.

            The New Mill in Plantsville (which is basically Southington). We take friends there all the time and they usually go back on their own within one week of us taking them. The Granny Smith Apple Salad is out of this world. Their spiedini romano is scrumptious. 10x better than any I've ever had in NYC. Their specials are always great too.

            Others in town I like: The Victorian House, Waverly Tavern and Laskara. We adore Paul's for breakfast.

            P.S. Grand Apizza in Cheshire is owned by the same family as the original in New Haven (which has since been sold). I have yet to enjoy this Cheshire venture, the way I enjoyed New Haven back in the day.

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              I go to New mill also and LOVE IT! Have you ever tried there meatballs? Spectacular.