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Aug 12, 2009 06:12 AM

Urgent request - Samosas downtown

I need to pick up veggie and meat samosas for a potluck at work tomorrow. Where can I find a place downtown or along the subway line (Yonge & Bloor to Union OR Yonge and Bloor to Kipling) where I can buy samosas.


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  1. I really like the samosas at Mehran, on Church just north of Gerrard. That’s about a 6-minute walk from College station on the Yonge subway line.

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      1. re: TOchowgal

        Pleasure. Haven’t been in a couple of years. If you end up going, hopefully the quality is still there. Good luck!

    1. South India Dosa 1284 Bloor W at Lansdowne, three for a dollar last I went. You might want to call and place an order first as she always sells out.

      Caribbean Queen of Patties is across the street close to the station, too.

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        My dad is in the Scarb area this afternoon, so I've asked him to pick some up. I called Mehram but they seem to be expensive - $1 for the veggie and $1.50 for the chicken. I would rather get 3 or 4 veggies for $1.