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Aug 12, 2009 06:02 AM

Where to buy Italian Farro? (or pearled spelt) [London]

I recently tried the Sharpham Park pearled spelt in a risotto. Delicious. And it's low GI. It's hard to find and seems to only be at Waitrose, yet not at the Marylebone High Street one. I have been in and out of various Italian delis asking for farro, which is the Italian version. Carluccio's serve it in the restaurant but don't sell it. Haven't tried Wholefoods yet. Anyone found it in South London?
I originally found the Sharpham Park version at Borough Market.

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  1. I got some from my local deli, which is A&C Continental on Atlantic Road in Brixton. I'm not sure if they're still stocking it, and anyway they're closed until September for their annual holiday so that's not much help.

    I also bought some from an Italian deli/café which is just down the street from Green Valley on Upper Berkeley Street. I'm afraid I can't remember what it's called.

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      Thanks for this info. Will check both places out.

    2. The stall is no longer at Boro Market. But the big Whole Foods in Kensington does sell the Sharpham Park spelt. I just made a really nice roasted butternut squash risotto with it... didn't need constant stirring like regular arborio rice would.

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        Thanks for that info. I made a Nigel Slater risotto recipe with the spelt a few times. It consisted of shallot cooked in butter, then add the spelt, then vegetable stock and then when finished add chard and goat's cheese and parmesan. I used Gran Padano instead of Parmesan. Really yummy.

      2. There's an italian deli and grocery, Gazzano's on Farringdon Road that carries it, as well as great meats, cheeses, and pastas.