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Aug 12, 2009 05:40 AM

Isle of Wight.....Shanklin

I'm heading for the Garlic Festival near Shanklin, Isle of Wight for the weekend. I was wondering if there are any good seafood recommended restaurants, pubs in that area for dinner or any other suggestions not to miss? Any other good local farms to visit? Also, any products from the Garlic Festival you'd recommend from past years?


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  1. Hi there. I spent a weekend recently in the Isle of Wight and I would strongly recommend The New Inn in Shalfleet. We had the best Sunday lunch we can remember there. Their menu of the day includes lots of fresh fish cooked beautifully, lobster, crab and excellent lamb and pork dishes. The place is beautiful and generally very popular so it's best to book. Here's their website:

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      Hi Paula76.

      Just wanted to say thanks so much for this recommendation. We did go here for lunch with a reservation and had the most amazing lunch we can remember. It was the best meal we had on the Isle of Wight

      Thanks again!

    2. Hi there! You're welcome! I didn't see your post until today, for some reason but I'm so glad you went to The New Inn and loved it as much as we did! It's got everything a great pub should have and the food is second to none. It's a true gem and a place to come back to, for sure.