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Aug 12, 2009 04:22 AM

New Restaurant in Concord NH: Sunny Table

Last night 8/11 was opening night at Concord's new restaurant, the Sunny Table on Depot St. My husband almost turned around when he saw the sign that it was their first night but it looked like everything was running smoothly. It is an American-Asian bistro using local ingredients. The wait staff was very friendly and welcoming. This is the kind of menu I like but my husband does not, so we had mixed reactions. I am thrilled to see a restaurant that serves fresh vegetables in a variety of ways. I thought the garlicky chard was very good but DH greatly preferred baby golden beet thinnings from our garden that I served recently. The tiny serving of cucumber kimchee was just right in flavor but the cucumber skins were tough. DH said his salmon was "fine". My panko crumbed pork was good but I did not care for the flavor of the dipping sauce. The potato dim sum (?) were interesting but a little bland. I would have added some chives to the filling.

This is not the kind of restaurant we usually visit so I think someone else can give a better review.

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  1. Well they are finally open. I have been waiting patiently for another good place to eat downtown for quite a while. Sunny's Table fills that void and then some. Farm fresh ingredients prepared perfectly with excellent flavor blends is just what we needed downtown. The atmosphere is light and bright with a very eclectic approach (copper clad bar and tabletops with stainless steel chairs). The wait staff is very friendly and attentive while the food and how it is presented is fantastic. I had the Shrimp and Pork Tenders in Curry. It was absolutely the best curry dish I have ever had (Thai, Indian are no where near this flavorful).

    I have found my new favorite eating spot downtown.

    It is located on Depot Street which is one street north of Pleasant Street.

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      Owned by the son of the lady who ran Korean Place in Manchester NH--she retired recently. Manchester's loss is Concord's gain!

    2. I just joined Chowhound tonight so I could write a post about Sunny's Table. Had an excellent meal there tonight as well as an all-around good dining experience. Incredibly fresh ingredients, everything extremely tasty. Also loved the decor - the owners have clearly decided to make an investment in this place and I hope it pays off for them. The service was very friendly and knowledgeable too. In short, there was no down side.

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        Welcome! Nice post. There's a feature about the place in this week's Hippo Press.

      2. Just back from dinner there tonite...

        SO and I split a range of firsts (apps) which arrived in pairs: Miso Eggplant, Crabcakes, Tuna Two Ways, Angry Chicken Nuggets, Mussels in curry, Cod cakes, finishing with a corn creme brulee.

        Appreciate what they bring to the "food scene" in Concord, but so not thrilling. Spicy without reason, poor portioning, disconnect between the Asian and American.

        I feel badly being so negative about Sunny's Table as they're only 2 weeks old - nice people, good service, beautiful space. I do commend then for taking a chance with the largely uneducated Concord eaters - however I don't think that the people of Concord are ready for more than burgers and beer, especially at poor value pricing. Prove me wrong Concordites, we need more restaurants like this!

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          "I don't think that the people of Concord are ready for more than burgers and beer," is just wrong. Look at the Granite room, which has been doing great.

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            I have to agree with your last sentence, wongadon: I think restaurants like Sunny's Table are exactly what Concord needs more of. Being a New York City transplant, the food scene in Concord is hideously depressing (an image of tumbleweed comes to mind) and unreasonably so. I think of Concord as a town with a relativey educated population and don't understand why there isn't more of a demand for places like Granite, Sunny's Table and places like Richard's Bistro in Manchester (excluding Moritomo and Hermano's, which are delicious, but not incredibly cosmopolitan). Honestly, the whole downtown scene in Concord baffles me, but that's a different story. I've eaten at Sunny's Table several times and am so relieved to have a fresh and delicious place to go on Fridays or to take out of town guests to other than over-rated Common Man. My message to ST: keep up the good work as you have a ton of potential, don't cater to the "uneducated eaters" and don't be afraid to be amazing! We need more places like you!!

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              Well, I also eagerly visited Sunny Table for the first time last night. Things were going just okay, with a waitress that wasn't able to answer questions about the menu items and seemed to be rushing us a little bit even at our early 6:00 p.m. arrival. Things went really sour when I asked that my much too overly spicy veggie stir fry be removed from the table. First, I will just say now I have NEVER sent back a meal, but it was sooo spicy it was actually burning my nose remaining on the table. The waitress did ask me if I wanted something else, and as my dining mates were almost done with their meals I just asked for a side of vegetables (broccoli and squash) which is what my dining mate had on her plate as sides. Second, I will say I did not expect them to refund me because I didn't like my meal. I just didn't want to smell it on the table in front of me anymore. The real trouble came when a slightly unkempt looking woman who never introduced herself but I assumed was the manager or owner, came over to my table and proceeded to reprimand me for asking that my meal be taken away. She spoke loud enough for all around to hear, and said "usually when it says 'fiery' that means spicy", and told me how I have now backed up the entire kitchen with my request for a side of broccoli and squash. Third, I love spicy food, but I agree with the comment above that it is too spicy without reason. I will never go to this restaurant again. The experience with the disgruntled, rude manager aside, at $50 per person, the food was just not worth the money or the trip to Concord.

            2. I've been there for lunch three times since they opened: (1) pork & shrimp curry. (2) cold BBQ pork sandwich (3) chicken curry.

              Very happy with all of them. Flavors are excellent - bright and complementary. I thought the brioche roll was a bit too thick on the sandwich, but otherwise no complaints.

              1. We ate at Sunny's Table this evening. Superb service, wonderful mix of sauces and ingredients served in attractive arrangements. Korean influence but Americanized. The scallops appetizer was cooked to perfection and nicely seasoned and decorated. The barbequed pork entre was superb, with rice and bok choy all cooked just right. The waitress was attentive without being intrusive, and did a great job of describing menu items, and provided service as good as any you can find in the area.

                A great addition to the Concord area food scene.