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Please, recommend some restaurants

Can you please recommend any good but inexpensive restaurants in Manhattan?
I will stay in New York only five days in August and I would like to try something typical place.
Thank you.

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  1. Can you give us a sense of how much you want to spend for meals (including tax, tip & alcohol, if any), what kinds of food you might be interested in and if you have any geographic preferences? That will help us come up with suggestions. This thread might help you in terms of orientation:


      1. there are 30,0000 restaurants in new york. you need to help us help you

        1. Agree with MMRuth. With thousands of restaurants in New York City, it is very difficult to make any recommendations without getting a sense of your constraints. For some people spending $20pp is too expensive, for others, it's $100pp.

          Not sure by what you mean by "something typical place"? You mean items that quintessential New York -- those that are hard to find elsewhere or signature food of the city? I recommend this thread:

          Don't Leave NY Without Eating...

          NYC for visitors:

          I also highly recommend RGR's self guided Lower East Side Gustatory tour -- inexpensive and gives you a flavor of a rich and diverse NYC neighborhood, but best done with another person:

          Best pizza in NY (pizza is typically < $20pp but again, pizza is best done with another person to maximize savings and minimize leftovers):

          Best brunch:

          I think these trip reports/itinerary might also help:

          1. Not sure where you are visiting from, but here's my short list:

            Caracas Arepas (at around $6/arepa)
            Menkuitei or Ippudo for ramen
            NY Noodletown
            Kefi's early bird dinner (though the last time I went it was less impressive.)

            all of the above should be under $20/person without alcohol.

            1. Thank you.
              Sorry but my English is terrible so I preferred to write few words not to make mistake. I would like to spend about 25 -30 dollars to person for dinner. I would like to try also some seafood restaurant but I have not preference.
              Thank you.

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                Please don't worry about making mistakes in English ... we are here to help and won't judge you!

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                  E noi parliamo Italiano anche! Well, at least many of us from the metro area do, though based on some of the conversations on General Topics, you'd be hard-pressed to recognize it as such!

                  In your price range, I've had good meals at Alta, Red Egg, R.U.B., Mercadito, Grand Sichuan, Earthen Oven and many other restaurants of different atmosphere, cuisines, etc. If you can tell us what kind of food/atmosphere you are looking for, it might help focus our recommendations.

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                    Bravo, your Italian is certainly better than my English :)

                    I recorded (?) all your advice. I have little time so i would like to go in restaurant more popular in New York, most famous and appreciated by locals. I like mexican food, seafood, steakhouse, greek...in short, I like everything.
                    I dont't like only chinese and japanese food.
                    And no italian food (for obvious reasons) :)

                    Thank you.

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                      Famous and popular are sometimes very different in NYC. You could go to Los Dados like the fame-chasers or you could go to a place like Tehuitzingo, known primarily to locals. And sometimes fame and popularity are equally deserved as in the case of Katz's Delicatessen. My personal thoughts would be:
                      Mexican: Mercadito (Sunday prix fixe), Itzocan, El Paso
                      Seafood: McCormick & Schmick's or Lure Fishbar for happy hour, Russ & Daughters
                      Steak: La Zarza prix-fixe, La Rural, Cafe Ronda (traditional steakhouses generally cost more than $30 for dinner)
                      Greek: Kefi, Anthos Upstairs, Snack

                2. we'd love to help..please let us know where in the city...uptown?Downtown? East/West?

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                    My hotel is in Time Square but I I have no problem to move all over the city.