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Aug 12, 2009 12:40 AM

Calzone in Seattle

Any place to get good calzones in Seattle, preferably veggie? Bonus if they are quick take out type joints. Thanks!

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  1. Pazzo in Eastlake. Eat in or take out. Not quick , but well worth the wait for the made to order calzone.

    1. Not a quick take out palce, but I'm a big fan of the calzones at Varlamo's near the U-Vilage.

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      1. re: bergeo

        I'll second Varlamo's -- those things are monsters and in the best kind of way!

      2. Piecoras across the street from Chop Suey. They have their own parking garage and their calzones could feed a family of four!

        1. There's a place on Aurora at around 50th or so that supposedly has great calzones.
          I've been meaning to find it and give it a try.


          (this reminds of how I miss Pete's on QA...)

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          1. re: GreenYoshi

            I miss Pete's!!!!! I will say this with all honesty....I haven't had a Calzone since Pete's has closed. I haven't avoided them........I just haven't had one.

            1. re: plutch

              I miss Pete's too. Now I have to go all the way to Spokane to get one...

              1. re: jlbwendt

                Whoa. Is that the same Pete's? In Spokane?
                I had no idea.
                I'm down.

            2. re: GreenYoshi

              Petes was amazing! Any idea if they relocated?

              1. re: Hanads

                They're based in Spokane, and they closed all operations here on the west side. There are sadly just two locations left.


                1. re: jlbwendt

                  Wallingford Pizza House makes their upside down pizza which in some ways is sort of like a calzone. I had one for the first time a few weeks ago and I will say that their crust was pretty good.

                  1. re: jlbwendt

                    ooo, I am going to be in Spokane today. I am def going to Petes. Sliced meatball and Ricotta calzone? Be still, my beating heart!

              2. I'll third Varlamos and add New York Pizza Place on 5th Ave NE. NY Pizza Place had a great calzone... I thought the calzones and sandwiches were much better than their pizza.

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                1. re: seattleviking

                  Oh, noted.
                  I'd written them off after their namesake pizza was mediocre at best.

                  I'll give them a second chance on the calzones and hoagies at some point.

                  1. re: GreenYoshi

                    You were right, their calzone is much better than their pizza.
                    Not my ideal calzone (i prefer a crustier style on the outside), but yeah, very good.

                    1. re: GreenYoshi

                      Glad you liked it... I'm still looking for my ideal calzone.

                      I haven't tried the chicken parm or eggplant parm at Tat's but based on the Tatstrami and Hot Beef they serve I'm going to try to check them out in the near future.

                  2. re: seattleviking

                    All right, I'll definitely have to try Varlamos. Thanks guys!