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Aug 11, 2009 11:30 PM

boo~~ supermarket figs are a disappointment

i got two big blister boxes of figs from a local market. while i was taking my train back home, i dug in and ate one. it was not the squishy sweetness i've remembered. WHAT HAPPENED?
the whole thing was only a *little* sweet, with a thicker skin and less gooey and seedy.. also the inside of the fig was lighter colored- it says "black mission" and it was expensive! boo!!!~~ =(

i assume it is just not ripe when they picked it off the tree..

soo... i'm trying to roast it with some sugar- meh~
roast with honey - not enough color development

will it ripen on the counter? i heard it won't work..

what would you do if you have some people over in a few days and you wanna serve them with some brie. original plan was to roast them and serve them with some whipped brie and crackers.

so sad, my favorite fruit, so sad... "_"

i miss my old farmer's market

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  1. did a bit of searching. i guess there is no way to salvage this. I'll be on my pilgrimage to WFoods....

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    1. re: jeniyo

      What if you cooked them stovetop with port?

      1. re: katecm

        i can certainly try that! what do i do exactly? do i add sugar?

        slow poach or blanch/ cool/ keep in syrup?

        1. re: jeniyo

          I wouldn't add sugar until the end, since your port will be sweet. I'd probably quarter your figs and do a nice slow poach, since it sounds like they really need to soften and sweeten. Assuming you don't use an expensive port, it's worth a try, and if it doesn't help, at least you haven't lost much. Let us know how it turns out! It may still be good on your brie after all.

    2. Once picked figs get no sweeter. I have two trees in the backyard, with our heat a few weeks ago they are coming on bigtime. Picking dozens every other day. Will be picking until the middle of October at this rate.

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      1. re: duck833

        awh. i'm jealous! when should i drop by ? ^_^

      2. What about drying them to concentrate their sugars? Then slice thin and toss on a pizza w/ caramelized onions, fontina and a little blue cheese. adam

        1. I'm not positive, but I think you are a few weeks early for figs. They are seasonal like most fruits. Stick with the stone fruits and melons right now. I think figs are late summer to mid fall.