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Aug 11, 2009 09:58 PM

Dark, intimate, casual restaurant wanted

I am looking for a local dinner spot that is dark and intimate. A restaurant for old friends. Casual. A nice cocktail, good conversation, the occasional brush of fingertips on the arm. The ambiance, in this case is more important than the food. gasp. :-) Any suggestions?

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  1. I thought Aziza was dark, at least where I was sitting. Tables were far enough apart and the place was not too loud. We liked the food but there have been some recent disquieting reports.

    5800 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94121

    1. Gitane is really dark and has a cool bar.

      1. I'll 2nd Gitane. You may need a flashlight to read the menu. good food for sharing great CAVA list lots of atmosphere.

        1. I appreciate the replies. I am drawn to Gitane. It was a restaurant I came across in my considerable research. I offer more info to see if there are any other opinions out there and to make sure we won't be out of place at Gitane.

          If it were me, solo, I would go someplace else for the food, other than what I am looking for, specific to this occasion. I am a food person, he is not - no seafood, mushrooms, etc. although the cuisine is open. I love a perfect martini, he'll have a glass of wine. I will dress upscale casual, he'll be in jeans. We don't want to sit across from each other, banquette style, but like the idea of a booth tucked away, where we can be close, for intense conversation... not get a room kind of stuff... but the prelude....