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Aug 11, 2009 09:11 PM

5 Days Aroubd Rice Lake!!!

Been very lucky to have had the loan of a cottage in recent years Muskoka, Sauble Beach, Haliburton and will have 5 days in Rice lake area! Have not been there for decades. Fishing towns at each end , west at Bewdley, smaller east at Hastings, maybe things have changed! Keene to the North I remember a sign and little else. Surprisingly, since myself Maturing, and learning of Serpent Mounds near Keene, find the season may be closed! Anyway, looking for help while there and on route. I expect the route Bloomingdale Rd., and Hwy/ 7 heading East. We will be 2 Adults and 2 Children just teens, so once East of Yonge and on the way, please advise of any simple, delightful dining en route. Wow, any USA style Triple D places Diners Dive-Ins & Dives, heavens our Canadian lack thereof is too apparent. Failing that, any suggestions for simple dining en route and what might the actual towns of Bewdley, Hastings and Keene or immediate area have to offer. Long message as I finally re-enter a forgotten land!!!

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  1. Depending on which end of the lake you're near, you'll be within ten miles of either Peterborough or Port Hope. Check out these threads:

    Peterborough: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/400548

    Port Hope: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/419701

    1. There's a lovely resort on Rice Lake in Keene called Elmhirst's, which raises its own Angus cattle on pasture at the resort, and vegetables from its gardens, for use in its restaurants. One is a finer-dining dining room and the other is a pub. The food at both is very good, and the menus are locally focused and feature Ontario-only wines and beers. www.elmhirst.com

      And don't forget to visit Lang Pioneer Village, also in Keene: www.langpioneervillage.ca

      1. Bewdley offers Rhino's Roadhouse. It looks a little dodgy, but don't let that deter you. Solid, greasy-spoon breakfasts with pretty decent homefries. At dinner try their chicken wings. Rhino's sits across the street from Rice Lake so you have a nice view or if you like you can sit on their patio. The rhino-themed interior decor is a laugh.

        I'm less well versed on places on the north side of the lake. Please let me know if you'll be spending any time on the south side.

        In the meantime, you may find this handy:

        1. I agree that the food at Rhino's is good, solid down to earth. My wild hog buddies and I normally drop in there for a burger and beer after a day of cruising the Kawartha's and Northumberland.

          Coming along the 401 from Yonge you should get to Bowmanville after about 40-45 minutes. Just before the 35/115 Peterborough turnoff you will see the Bownmanville Liberty Street turn-off. You can take this to the Bowmanville Marina and Bobby C's which is a nice marina restaurant by the lake with a large outside patio with plenty of trees if the sun gets too hot. This is less than 5 minutes from the 401 and a nice break in the driving.

          Here is a link.


          1. There is a place in Gores Landing called Pitchers Place that supposedly has the best liver and onions, not on the menu, but as a special on tuesday nights, also known for their pickeral. Rhinos is good, but for breakfast try the place beside it, the Brit.

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              You know I've never tried Brit for brekkie. Rhino's homefries and the kitschy atmosphere really make it for me. I wish I had a greasy spoon like that near my home.

              Pitchers Place used to be good under the original owners/operators/cooks. I would literally walk one hour from where I was staying to there just for their homemade blueberry pie with ice cream and then an hour back. Honestly. Now I'd say if you were nearby and hungry I wouldn't avoid it, but I wouldn't go out of my way.