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Aug 11, 2009 08:49 PM

Tracht’s restaurant in Long Beach- closed

FYI, Suzanne Tracht, creator of JAR restaurant in Los Angeles, launched Tracht’s in the Long Beach a year or so ago. This generally well-reviewed and oft-recommended restaurant appears to have closed according to District Magazine (and a dead-end website seems to confirm the fact). It appears to have been replaced by the Renaissance Bar & Grill which sounds like it might be far less adventurous hotel fare.

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  1. According to Eater, "This will certainly free up some time for Suzanne who is about 8 months away from opening up her next endeavor, Suzpree."

    1. It was a nice space, I never ate there but I've stopped by. I could've guessed they were doing badly from all the crazy promotions they were doing, but I didn't think they'd close. They got good reviews, even being touted as one of LB's finest ( a very honorable title, imho).

      I'm sad to see it go. Best wishes to Suzanne Tracht in her next endeavor.

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        I guess not enough people ate there. I went twice. It was good, although overpriced for the 'hood (hence the specials) and there are numerous comments about how haphazard the service was. In LBC you need more than a famous name to make a go of it, it wasn't really creative enough or delicious enough to be a destination.

      2. I also went twice. it was good but nothing like Jar.

        1. nice space. but tiny for a "steakhouse". i had a dinner there earlier this year and it was lackluster at best.