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Aug 11, 2009 08:45 PM

Hell's Kitchen-8-11-09 SPOILERS

I'll take the plunge and admit I watched the last fifteen minutes (the Canary Islands 747 airplanes' crash being too depressing).
I was suprised at the editing that showed the guys just stepping across the aisle and taking over the women's entree station and it running smooth as silk. Could it possibly have been that easy?
More of Robert gloating that I cared to see.
The decision to get rid of Tek ... meh....those piercings just don't look sanitary on a cook. Did Tenille earn her place for another two days by being loud and profane?

Which brings up previews with more Tenille mouth and more Robert angst and physical removal.

It's stopped being a cooking show, no matter how often GR talks about one of them representing him at the resort in Canada. (LOL Tenille is in the running for the GR mouth stand in, in the worst way.)

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  1. The girls have no team work and thats whats going to keep them down but truly looking at all of them I dont think any of them have what it takes to run the resort. The guys seem really solid this season which is probably why Robert is not looking as good as he did last season when he didnt have much competition. I think Kevin is thier strongest and will take it all the way.

    1. Agree on the Robert gloating...but looks like his extreme weight does him in next week...I'm not surprised. Good for him, tho, in figuring out the dining desires of the Marine's wife. He at least listened to her, whereas the woman (someone so lacking in any personality I cannot even remember her name...ahhh, just looked it up - Suzanne) just did what she wanted to do...she dictated to the women, vs. Robert leading his group and making sure all factors of what was to be prepared was covered by one of the guys. Tennille's idea of a jambalaya sauce or something on the steak/seafood would definitely had their dish be better. But Robert making sure the lobster tail was grilled was smart.

      Kevin seems to be the only one on the ball - although he does seem to "take over" even when he doesn't need to do so. But based on the shows shown so far, he is really the only one worthy. Sabrina, who won the "best of the worst" on the women's side last week seems to be good, but not as "complete" as Kevin.

      Interesting that the guys just walked over and finished service for the women - come on. Out of the blue they are able to manage another kitchen? The minute I saw that idiot, Jim, shrug his shoulders re: what ingredients were in the men's dishes while "explaining" to the women, I knew they'd attempt to sabotage the women. Sure, the guys may have been able to finish first, but how is that "team work" if they won't tell them (the women) how to make their dishes? But the sabotage game is played at least once a season, so not surprising.

      Tek or Tennille could have gone without any problem - but I do agree with Tennille that she shouldn't have been up there yet again. Amanda - she's clearly unable to handle this. I do think Tek could have been better but she blew it this show. Amanda is not long for this show either...she reminds me of Colleen last season.

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        i will still watch and I still admittedly love it but HK has completely fallen off and is so far from a cooking competition it's not even funny. the producers must be encouraging in fighting, no? this week was boring, though Kevin did stand out and that's good. All the women are very forgettable except bigmouth Tennile who needs to shut her pie hole. Next week, however, I had to groan with the preview---Robert collapsing AGAIN? I mean, when they brought him back he looked worse than last year so it was inevitable, right? Which sort of means the show brought him back for that reason--the drama, no? And its it me, or is it sort of painful to see the flickers of Heather, a former HK winner, just shuffling along in the kitchen with no purpose other than wiping plates and whatnot?

        1. re: HabaneroJane

          <And its it me, or is it sort of painful to see the flickers of Heather, a former HK winner, just shuffling along in the kitchen with no purpose other than wiping plates and whatnot?>
          No, it's not you...I thought the same thing...what a waste!

          1. re: HabaneroJane

            Agree that it's not a cooking competition anymore...and while I didn't expect it, I was really hoping that Robert would be better. Guess not. His snarkiness hasn't stopped (and it was on full display last night) and his tantrums are definitely worse.

            And yes, I noticed Heather more prominently displayed as well. Scott got the airtime last week, Heather this week - although Scott's in-your-face with Andy was more dramatic than Heather saying "where's my [whatever was late to the pass] this week.

            However, having said that about Heather - when you consider where she was a few years ago, and now she's working alongside GR? It's certainly several steps up. He obviously has enough confidence in her to do the Exec Sous Chef or whatever she might be in this role.

        2. How can they continue to promote the "grand prize" for the winner, when everyone knows it's bogus?

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          1. re: PattiCakes

            Okay EVERYONE - it's not a cooking show, it's not a chef competition. It's on FOX and it's reality TV. Why do they do all the fancy editing, showing the blowups, hyping the "prize" - to make us watch.

            I do, I love GR - but someone really needs to tell him to lay off the tanning bed with the little eye protectors. When he was sitting at the table with hero's wife, he looked like a racoon's close cousin.

            I do love my Gordo though.

            1. re: maisonbistro

              I would give my left arm for a new season of Kitchen Nightmares UK.

              1. re: spellweaver16

                Add mine into the mix. That's his best, with the F Word a close second.

          2. Something interesting I discovered in reading Tek's post elimination interview, was that she and Jim became "an item" while on the show and are still dating and looking at moving to be together -- where they hope to open a restaurant together.